In Vilnius found a collection of ancient Belarusian musician

In an interview, the BelaPAN Frolov noted that special interest are the numerous symphonies and serenades era of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.
"Before This time adopted assume that these genres have appeared in Belarus only in the XX century. Names of professional creators of this raschudesnye, highly music were lost in the maelstrom of history for 150 years and now vorachivayutsya our musical culture. Dominique Adamovich, Jan Sokolowski, Jan Chamarovsky composers Zaryashevsky Markevich, Plashina, P., Rutkowski, Chuprinsky also anonymous creators — maestro era of early classicism and romanticism, adorned musical horizon Belarus at the end of XVIII — first half of XIX century colorful symphony: the unique and graceful , veselitelnymi and coupled with the fact, severe "- said Alexey Frolov.
By him, many of the found music manuscripts come from the forgotten undeservedly aazysu Belarusian culture in the estate Zabela Verkhnedvinsk Vitebsk region, where right up to the 1840s flourished spiritual and secular culture, acted good musical chapel conducted by the composer and conductor Michal Kowalewski.
"A unique find evidence that many ancient stereos Belarus waiting own discoveries and research" — Alexey Frolov allocated.
Returned products not proved so small that in the coming year too lazy to hold a festival of "Revival Belarusian symphony", in which the leading role perceive musical groups of the country.
And in September 25 2008 held typical announcement of this festival. In performing ensemble of soloists "Classic-Vanguard" in the Small Hall of the Belarusian State Philharmonic Gregory screens in the program "Melodies Radziwills parks", not counting works Maciej Radziwill, Abraham Ian Schultz Ian David Holland and Michal Oginski Cleophas, hear three serenades mysterious maestro Plashiny with Polochchiny , the creator of six symphonies.
"Visitors can look forward unforgettable music, atmosphere and mysterious park alleys dating in quiet alcoves, rustling crinolines pyshnovatyh lovely ladies, the warm glow of candles in candlesticks serious" — said Alexey Frolov.

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