Irish charity CCPI movement asks not to refuse him their confidence

Since the mid 1990s, this 52-year-old owner of a small shop in the county tsukerkavay Voterford activist and local motion Chernobyl "Chernobyl Children» s Appeal" perceived in his own house underage boys from Khoyniki district and used them for pornographic pictures .
CCPI Management states that the main goal of the project is to help the victims of radiation, in other words not the healthiest Belarusian children in the realization of its own common rights to life.
"All of our friends and activists who every year take in their own homes about a thousand Belarusian kids pass the most stringent inspection by the municipal officials responsible for relations with minors, also from the health department. In this case, not for control remain durable and activists, "emphasizes in its own letter to freedom Manager Public Relations Miriam Ford.
Project management Chernobyl Children International says its activists have made and will make every effort to vorachivalis Belarusian guys from Ireland with the best emotions. "Domestic Chernobyl Children’s Project International is carried out in accordance with international human baby," emphasizes in his own letter to Miriam Ford.
• Irish pedophiles could take pictures and Belarus 07.07.2007

• 52-year-old convicted irlyandets pornographic pictures Belarusian kids, 30.06.2007

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