Irish pedophiles could take pictures in Belarus

According to the Irish press ("Irish Times", "Irish Independent"), the Arbitrator Ellis Doyle recognized acts 52-year-old shop owner tsukerkavay in Mount Melerey and Irish Chernobyl activist movement "aggressive."
Doyle said: "That this happened with the Irish and not Belarusian babies, it would cause a public outcry."
The arbitrator also stated that during the adoption of the verdict took into account remorse Peparda — he apologized to the Belarusian kids and their parents. According to the press, the judicial records portrayed Hoinikskii kids from 10 to 14 years.
These kids from the 1995 John Pepard perceived in their own home on summer vacation. In this time and take pictures with pornographic content.
But, according to investigators, Pepard could also take similar in Belarus. Since the mid 1990s, he often, about three times a year, visited Belarus in the framework of Chernobyl Project.
As confirmation crime prosecutors filed to find the house Peparda 143 photos and 10 videos pornographic content with the role of boys from 10 to 14 years.
Now a statement on the scandal made by the representatives of the Irish Society for the Prevention of fierce appeal with children (ISPCC).
They believe what you need talk to all Chernobyl associations in Ireland, which could cooperate John Pepard. Members of society insist so closely investigating the incident.
What is the reaction in Belarus?
Meanwhile Belarus similar fact is not widely resonance. True, some activists Chernobyl movement in Gomel heard something about the incident.
Voice vice-chairman Buda-Koshelev organization "Help the Children of Chernobyl", a children’s doctor Valentine Smolnikova:
"Something heard, it seems on TV. Partners specifically our organization, fortunately, Germans, Italians and citizens of the country of the rising sun. It is very decent people. We have been in all these houses that take our children. "
According to Valentina Smolnikova heavily guarantee fully people, working with children, moral.
People who engage in child pornography, there is in Belarus. And so the family specifically and concretely Belarusian Chernobyl organization should explain to children Why astsyaragatstsa on vacation. Be close contact between the children, the Belarusian Chernobyl organizations and their partners hands.
"As for zabugornyh our partners, so there just know people who have hosted our kids. Any abuse of our minors there is unreal, "- says Valentina Smolnikova.
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