Just what does Independence day?

Aleksander Jackiewicz, Vitebsk: "Good morning, pochetaemoe Radio Liberty. Turns out, I now learned that there is a decree number 542 of August 28, 2006, whereby disabled youth allowed recuperation times two years. And there items 3, 4, 7, 8, 11. Who, under those items flagged because recuperation allowed only once every two years. And once a year, as previously, is no longer allowed. Under this document, I would never put no signature. Thank you. "
Man: "In most of the former Russian Union of days considered Independence proclamation day municipal sovereignty. Our own "the wisest of the wisest" leader for some reason decided to consider days of Independence on July 3.
I wish to remind him that on July 3 — it is a day of liberation of Minsk. Again emphasize that specifically Minsk, Belarus and not all from the Nazis. This, of course, a large prazdnichek. Nobody disputes. Only if What does the Independence day? With the same success you can declare a day or Independence day release Polotsk or at least some other town in Belarus. Alexander Grigoryevich just need to read the story closely, but not phony Soviet, where everything kicks up and permeated with Marxist-Leninist ideology. "
Man: "Hello. During 1-x, thank you so much for the trip to Bartosik Bulls to Bykov. Came out great. I was very satisfied. Second. I somehow this topic cranes. At one point, for you called about the requirements of Brussels to Belarus, to the president. I wish to propose to you in this regard is the question of the week: "Why does the president stubbornly reads in Russian?" Success for you. Doskorogo goodbye. "

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