L. Zaika: preselling preparation goes Belarus

Disk imaging on Russian newspaper "Kommersant" Our homeland expects Belarus to answer for future privatization strategy.
According to Deputy Prime Minister of Belarus, this year may be eligible for the sale of shares of certain strategic companies in Belarus. But the estimated cost of Russian buyers seem very highest. Lowering the starting price of privatization can be decisive condition for granting the loan. Can go to Belarus is to give RF credit for their businesses?
Neither Belarusian nor Russian ministries money did not wish to speak on the subject of credit.
The Belarusian government has been forced to find funds to pay until July 23 with "Gazprom" for gas supplies. This debt is seeking nearly 500 million dollars.
According to political scientist capital Andrew Suzdaltseva, Russia for the first time did not accept credit municipal status, and it offers a loan to Belarus only under certain guarantees:

A. Suzdaltsev: "Everything depends on the Lukashenko. If he will insist that he is such a decent and just give him money, he will not get a loan."

"The Russian government claimed guarantees. Guarantees in the form of some shares of Belarusian companies. But the Belarusian side refuses it mattersbe. Everything is depending on Lukashenko. If he will insist that he such a good and give it just means he does not get the credit. "
Deputy Prime Minister of Belarus Vladimir Semashko said during a press conference nedavneshney that Belarus is ready to start selling companies. In Russian side just enthused "Naftan" Oil Refinery "Polymir", "Belshina", "Grodno Nitrogen".
According to the director of the analytical center "Strategy" Leonid Zaika, in return for a loan Our motherland wants to get Belarusian enterprises.

L. Zaika: "Neither the president nor the government are going to do some reforms, puts active, young government. Sits the same nomenclature that all this and prafukae. "

"There is a pre-sale preparation of Belarus. Most best business in Belarus, two refineries have a margin of 1 percent. Need something to do with them. Means silly Belarusians need to persuade them that they have to part with a large property, since they can not to manage it. Because neither the president nor the government are not going to do any reform, puts active, young government. sit the same nomenclature that all this and prafukae. "
According to the control center Mises Yaroslav Romanchuk, Russians do everything to prolong the negotiations on the loan, because time is against Belarusians:
"It will be delayed until the end of this year, and later the Russians will be absolutely in the parliamentary campaign, the presidential campaign will be later. If three or four months, it does not work, the loan can be until August 2008 to forget. "
Do I need a Russian loan?, 04.07.2007

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