L.Zlotnikov: The greater import substitution, the poorer the country

How to import substitution can tellsmiling on the welfare of Belarusians? On this question responsible economist Leonid Zlotnikov.
"I saw an economist subsequent distinctive place in the speeches of Lukashenko on a conference call.
In 1-x, the president said that should develop import substitution. Even in this case it is obviously inefficient and unprofitable Belarus. Lukashenko stated: "Now, scientists believe that the feeding of corn Belarus unprofitable. But all the same need to deal with it. "
But if will increase import substitution, the country that does not participate in the international division of labor becomes poorer. If all of his own — is the path to poverty. People, instead of taking a cheap imported products from other countries will be required to take their expensive.
Since there are industries where we spend more resources than others. Belarus produces excellent, for example, tractors, cars, and on the proceeds of their funds abroad, we must take what we create inefficient.
For example, if you take a kilo of meat, in Belarus it is necessary to spend eight to ten times more energoelementov than in France or Belgium. We have low yields, and our tractor must plow two to three times larger than the area than there. And so on.
Agriculture — less efficient and less reformed branch in Belarus. "

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