Leonid Dranko-Maisyuk: From 5 years old I wanted to get married …

Responding to a question after reading about avtabiyagrafichnasts own works and about whom he dreamed of being a child, Leonid Dranko-Maisyuk said:
"In my childhood dreams, whom I wanted to be, was not. Was absolutely not a dream baby. Around the age of five I began to think about his own wife. I wanted to marry, and I sought to do so in their own children’s ideas. This SUR» very seriously.
Realized that this was not the case all — realized when he began to teach in depth Belarusian folklore and traditional Belarusian literature. I’m startled that virtually every Belarusian songs sung about what a woman wants to marry a young man wishes to marry. And in our literature, in the major traditional works of Belarusian prose protagonist certainly has SNM» th, he was married.
We, Belarusians — a civilization in the home This is the meaningAnd is simply indescribable: Near Our homeland, and there in front of — the protagonists most traditional works that we learned in school, unmarried. They do not want to marry.
Pushkin’s Eugene Onegin unwilling Lermontov’s Pechorin unwilling Chichikov Gogol, too, Oblomov also one. Gogol wrote a hymn in general unwillingness to marry a Russian man — comedy "The Wedding".
This — the main difference between us Belarusians from the Russians: we wish, and they — no. "

Leonid Dranko-Maisyuk was born in 1957 on the David-Gorodok Horyn. Rodna kut and love, Eros — the main themes of his work. He graduated from the Institute of Literature named after bitter in Moscow until 2002 worked in the publishing house "Fiction" at the moment — on the free bread. Created 13 books of poetry and everyday. Love peace, because peace of mind promotes creativity (and not only) (Information about the creator — on the website of the festival).

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