Literary Festival in Brno: first results and reviews

Graduated festival Belarusian poet and translator Andrew Hodanovich and Czech writer Ivan Kraus. Khadanovich read poems, sang songs, Czech audience even helped him make the Belarusian rap. The room was more than sixty people.
"Lilac itself" — Andrew sings Khadanovich
"One created nothing able to do without the audience-partners"
Khadanovich: "Very positive memories. I believed that in Brno there are many caring people, and they are found. I think that was such a sensual splash, with a double. One created nothing able to do without the other hand, without the listener-associates . It over interested hearing a pleasant exchange of energy, more intrigued by the questions, and that is nice — not political nature (where without it completely impossible to do), it is still a cultural disposition. It’s really fun. "
Had a lot of questions Hodanovich
By the end of the festival will be given a book
As noted in an interview with "Freedom" czech festival organizer Director, "Windmills" Peter Minarzhik, at the end of the festival is planned for next year will be given a book. In July, on the website of the festival was more 10 thousand visits, and in the main they were visits to avdyearhiv where could download speech writers.
Director of Czech publishing house "Windmills" Peter Minarzhik
Peter Minarzhik very pleased with the fruits of the festival and the level of literature, which was presented to him. By the way, followed by a notable guest "author’s reading of the Month" will be Canada. Earlier literary festival guests were adjacent to the Czech Republic, Germany and Slovakia.
Belarusian literary landing in the Czech Republic during the July 26 Belarusian writers read their works at the theater in Brno. Opened the reading writer Vladimir Orlov, within a month there were Ales Ryazanov, Algirdas Baharevich, Nyaklyayeu Leonid Dranko-Maisyuk, Igor Bobkov, Victor Shalkevich, Lavon Volsky, Alexander Lukashuk, Sergei Ablameyko and other Belarusian creators. In Brno read their works and the Bialystok writers — World Luksha Jerzy Plyutovich Misha Androsyuk and others.
In Brno sounded like masters of the Belarusian literature and authors novice, music, on stage performances were broadcast and films.
Belarusian literary works translated Frantisek Sokolova, Sergey and Yulia Smotrichenko Olga Potapov, Katya Kidron, Veronica Belkevych, Max Schur, Christian Shyyanok Anya Krasnademskaya Ratko Bernovska other translators.
Organizer of the Belarusian side translator and bogemistov Smotrichenko Sergey believes that the festival was a success. "Some small mistakes I see, but these flaws can only see me. Most important thing for viewers, listeners all seem to have passed on a fairly high level.
Sergei Smotrichenko translates
As for the creators. It is a pity that they could not come for various reasons Slawomir Adamowicz, Svetlana Aleksievich Adam Globus. With some reason they just could not, not that they did not want. Yet he and the final list of creators who were able to come here and read their works, do not leave a very bad memory for Czech public, also Belarusians who come here or to a greater extent through the web have watched "- says Sergey Smotrichenko.
"How do you feel about the Moravian people?"
Many creators remembered Robert Kiperd, historian, each speaker asked a question about his attitude toward the Moravian people. I asked him whose answer made him most memory.
Creator question "How do you feel about the Moravian people?"
"I liked all the answers, in what I felt homage to the founders of the Moravian people. These answers and I felt a similar situation that has developed in Belarus, when the Belarusian creators who did not communicate with the young Belarusian, vorachivayutsya back to their roots and start write in Belarusian. This is a very laudatory deyanne.U Moravia for all years after the revolution in ’89 topic Moravian people on television almost sounded a couple of times and then for half an hour, "- says the historian.
Guest last days of the festival poet Andrei Hodanovich before reading: "I’m not in the contribution given to me 45 minutes. Will read more."
"Freedom Dmitry Dashkevich." The letter called for release of political prisoners during the festival, more than 100 people subscribed
At the festival, you could buy Belarusian anthology in Czech
RECORD of the participants on the website of the festival.

Yugasya Kaliada: "Do not divide the literature on the" feminine "and" masculine ", 30.07.2007 On literary festival in Brno" hooligans "Sergei Prilutsky, 29.07.2007 M.Andrasyuk:" Watching from Brno we litsezreem Belarusian prepyadstviya on another … "28.07.2007 World Luksha:" Now every word written in Belarusian — principle ", 27.07.2007 Nyaklyayeu:" In Brno the first time I had the experience of a public reading prose ", 26.07.2007 N.Babina:" Such Festival is impossible to imagine at this point in our country"25.07.2007 Ian Maksimyuk:" Belarusian people — multilingual and multicultural "21.07.2007 Max Schur:" Festival in Brno — Woodstock is the Belarusian literature … "20.07.2007 Algirdas Baharevich:" The writer has the right to escape. .. "18.07.2007 Sergey Ablameyko:" This is a very strong support of the Belarusian culture "18.07.2007 Igor Bobkov," Czechs more than Belarusians sense of form ", 17.07.2007 Vasyuchenko Peter:" Come intrigued people Belarusian literature … ", 16.07.2007 Guest literary festival in Brno — Hope Artimovich, 15.07.2007 Jerzy Plyutovich:" Feels great enthusiasm Czechs to Belarus ", 14.07.2007 Boris:" Experience Czechs gives hope for change and revival in Belarus " , 13.07.2007 Leonid Dranko-Maisyuk: "From 5 years old I wanted to get married …" 12/07/2007 Viktor Shalkevich "scandalous that the Czechs and Belarusians, two fraternal Slavic people do not understand each other"Gapeeva 10.07.2007 Olga:" The Czechs surprised by in Belarus so much talent, "Ilya 09.07.2007 Shin:" I do it first for himself, and not for the public, "Dmitry 08.07.2007 Vishnev presented in Brno excerpts from the new novel" about Berlin and Minsk "07/07/2007 Vezhnovets Eve:" Types of humor of the Belarusians and the Czechs are close together ", 05.07.2007 Ales Ryazanov: "Fate and Freedom — unbreakable," Alexander Lukashuk 04.07.2007: "Lukashenko himself does not know how many people support it," Lavon 03.07.2007 Volsky in September will give a solo album, 2.07.2007 Vladimir Orlov: "Such meetings inspire "02.07.2007 1st day literary festival in Brno (photos) 02.07.2007 In July, Brno — the capital of the Belarusian literature, 01.07.2007

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