Lukashenko: This is not war. It’s not 41 minutes, not 45 minutes

Alexander Lukashenko said: "For a small period of history-independent development, we were able to make our country measured, civilized, successful. Developed and successfully implemented a state model of socio-economic development, based on the active regulatory role of the state and suspended, obmyslennyh evolutionary transformations. "According to Lukashenko, the gross domestic product in Europe grows by 1.5-2 percent, the same as in the U.S.. A Belarus which grows year by almost 10 percent.
"All this is the result of the brain and the hands of the real economy. This is even more difficult than grow at the expense of oil and gas, natural resources," — said the President.
Lukashenko also said that the social sphere in Belarus is developing steadily. And the government has never approached the man.
"The social state support is based on the principle of targeting. Because we direct a simple order of giving benefits to different categories of the population. Savings if they will go specifically to the social sphere. And specifically directly to children," — said Alexander Lukashenko.
Energy security he called an important task in the economy.
"If we are now to be independent in terms of energy, could be completely and definitively say that our country no one ever will reverse. But we are very dependent on this important indicator for the economy — energy supply. And we are dependent on only one country. And according to this diversification came to us now on the first place. And we must find a happiness to distant lands and negotiate with others regarding oil and other hydrocarbons, and so necessary for our economy of raw materials. And be sure, we it will create lately. Like it is not like someone, "- said the president of Belarus.
"Once started recognizable crisis in relations with Russia for the supply of energy to our country, distraught by increasing energy prices (by the way, such a precedent history does not remember), in our society there discussion that the president will have to curtail social applets. Here we have lived for six months. So what we have turned? We did not expand and collapse do not want anything. It seems that we may be hard. This is not war. It’s not 41 minutes, not 45 minutes. We must stand up and reach those characteristics and goals that we have set in front of him. There is no horror and disaster that happened, though it was not easy to overcome. And I’m not saying that tomorrow will be just. It’s not katastofa. In fact this is our population and saw "- said Alexander Lukashenko.
The Belarusian leader said intrigued in normal, mutually beneficial relations with the EU and the U.S..
"But it is necessary to conduct a real, mutually respectful dialogue on an equal footing, without humiliating preparatory criterion and massive pressure. Soon frighten us, and someone introduced us against any trade sanctions. Calm down. We do not fall under the pressure of price increases distraught energoelementy and not die from 20-30 million dollars that we can lose on those EU sanctions. They showed his face. They now sit at the table with us and require us, and we are negotiating these issues. And the other hand try to crush us. Not Lukashenko, the last dictator of Europe. They are trying to crush the Belarusian people and our government. And not because we have not enough democracy, as they say they are. They let the Democrats would own …
I can already hear the voice of the United States, we’re here against you create something economically. If only such a thing even by the smallest are from the U.S., we will create the most severe measures against those companies and societies who are working on the ground in Belarus by the U.S.. We do not just look Budmen that now we are trying not what to teach, and has tilt. "

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