M. Statkevich: Sukharenka not mind flashed

KGB chairman appointed the former head of the presidential security service Yuri Zhadobina.Zamest his presidential security chief Suzhby appointed Andrew Vtyurin who ran the management of personal protection of the structure. According to official sources, Stepan Sukharenko dismissed as chairman of the KGB in connection with his transfer to another job. As commented in Minsk these reshuffle?
Statkevich said that this is due to the simple horror and disbelief:
"At such a situation not under the influence of terror turning their attention professionalism — give people the coming who think they know how trust. Currently awaiting threat from Moscow. Apparently, those who have contact with her, with those who have contact with Moscow — here these people will be removed. Even the "rat" and "Polish spies" not posodeystvuyut. Sukharenka not mind flashed. And, in general, the organs during Lukashenko really changed is not the best side just the level of intelligence and professionalism. Testify as a person to whom worked. At the moment, all there to oak: throw what nibudt, hassle provoke, drugs, kids drop. That such level. "
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