Mailbox 111: winter will breathe from the cold in a cool apartment …

About how Belarus did not want to pay for Russian gas consumed and what came of it, for the last week, students "Freedom" is not often heard in our air. About the same, they wrote in their own letters and expressed submission call.
What are the consequences for people in Belarus will have a Belarusian-Russian "gas" war and already introduced austerity energy? It is perfectly illustrated by a retired teacher from the village of Ivan Tsimafeychyka Modeyka Zelva district. In a letter to the "Freedom" he writes:
"Coming winter I look fear. Apartment house in where I live, — at the school: we have only one boiler. A school is closed, dismantled boiler. Heat in my apartment will not apply. Survive as you like. And hast ends — there for thee.
With Zelva education council has sent a directive — arrange "Local heating own apartment …" As if I am very weak health, disabled, the ability to procure firewood itself — no? .. That we live in a blossoming Belarus — no hesitation. Even the poster for all the towns and villages to the days of the Republic pasted on which the map of Belarus — all in bloom. How to object here? But I’m defenseless, soon on their skin feel all this bloom as will breathe from the cold in a cool apartment.
In general, the decline and destruction brought not only the school and schoolyard structure. Earlier in our area, in fact, uprooted manufacturing sector: the barn in the village Avdeyavichy — utterly destroyed there destroyed a barn and calf shed. Closed farm and Zabagonni Vishnyavtsy. Killed down premises in the former manor courtyard between Modeyka and Savic. Everywhere skarchavali stables and baths for folk. Brought to destruction dvuhetazhki — an office building near the school. What is this if not flourishing? Prosperity, but what! .. "
… The early 21st century. In a European country, which seems no one is waging war as in time of war, in apartment houses destroyed blechnyh central heating that hard for decades and forced to install small stoves … So it was blocked by the Nazis in Leningrad, in Minsk during the occupation … Will not be displayed in the window flat dymoprovod "stoves" emblem brought to rave saving mode and yes berazhlivastsi full translation facilities for firewood?
Our friend Constantine davneshny Syrel Ushachi origins with the Belarusian-Russian gas conflict sees in certain mental peculiarities of President Lukashenko. In a letter to the electric "freedom" he reflects on the contradictions between the gas with 2 countries:
"In my opinion, conflicts and scandals — is the element of Lukashenko. Them He feels like a fish in water. There are such type of people: built your own individual world in which they are surrounded by a host of enemies and opponents, zapivoh and thieves, idlers and bandits. Addressing these fabulous enemies — the raison d’être of such persons. seemingly simpler and can not be: there is an agreement — Pay. Funds still there. So no, hysterical needed before the cameras: "Help, robbery!" Who on smooth wool — member, who — against, if he had at least a thousand times right, he is the enemy. I think it is inherent in Lukashenko’s youth, which is almost nothing you will not find any on the web or in books (and even more so, in the newspapers.) can only guess . unenviable fate of orphans, impoverished childhood — not the best conditions for the formation of a benevolent, benign and measured temper. Mum, surely, for the wand-workdays in farm garbatsilasya unloved, and therefore little Sasha toys in childhood, perhaps, not beheld. A the most expensive taste, and then from time to time, there were chocolates on the pillows, eleven cents per 100 gr. All baby Sasha life suppressed envy Behold, Brigadier offspring Petka large tricycle purchased (new suit, matatsykal "Kavrovets", ets.) I , such a smart and beautiful, I have nothing. Gad this Petya!
At this point another level: the rich "Gazprom" requests funds for gas. Means they are all there — the years, together with the whole of Russia "…
Our listener Jora Krupski from Polotsk more than one year up to reinstatement as sanitary doctor. Bolshennom In a letter to the "freedom" he asks:
"How can 5 years to keep the state deserved watchmen doctor who has behind him — 32-year-old medical experience? Maybe we have in town with medicine all right? But no: a 91-year mortality in Polotsk exceeds the birth rate. In fact, many circumstances in including — hidden unsanitary. Roads and sidewalks are embedded below zero without the bushes on the lawns. Under the windows of residential buildings arranged car parking. Many public toilets. City built up randomly. A meanwhile chief sanitary doctor of Polotsk dismisses me, real spices, and gaining their own people without appropriate education … "
Together with a letter sent Jora Krupski large stack of different instruments — his long correspondence with many institutions Polotsk, Vitebsk and Minsk. Commenting on the official answers listener writes:
"These bureaucrats are willing to bring me back through the center of employment in some terrible and low-paid jobs. Guard I had to work the last 5 years — a modern gulag. Better to die of hunger at home than to criteria such earnings and life. Lord, think that you are doing to us. "
By written sovereign Krupki should add a few basic details. For more than eight years Jora Abramovich retired. And to work on the free space in Polotsk Hygiene and Epidemiology Center, where he had previously worked in This year targeted four young doctors — Minsk Medical University graduates.
Of course, sire Krupski, pensiyanerskae life difficult in Belarus. This was on my experience once a day make millions of retirees. Many of them probably also want to stay in their former jobs. How to be a young spice, yesterday to students, which will only start an independent life, and in which there is not even such moderate sources of income that you have? Where they went out and brought a job if older people will hold office and after the age of 60? Especially since, that in the field of medical Belarus — continuous reduction.
Follow-up letter — from Borisov, from our listener Galina Myadyuk. It — another story of the struggle for justice, composed of a large number of documents — complaints, protocols, judicial decisions and official responses.
The incident, which occurred two years back, Tipo mercantile and huge unworthy of attention, but for Ms. Myadyuk he turned into an event of great significance. And it was so. A narrow road near the lake, where people park cars Mrs. Myadyuk, partitioned motablek sovereign Zagarodnyaga. Sovereign yield Zagarodni road not willed. After a verbal explanation of the relationship itself Mrs. Myadyuk matablek rolled off the road.
Sovereign Zagarodni called the police. Later it turned out that he — a retired police officer. Outcome of the trial: Galina Myadyuk recognized guilty in battle and fined one base value.
Whereupon for Mrs. Myadyuk — pensioner, who worked in ’42 in the health system began a period of seeking justice. In a letter to the radio she knows:
"Protests prosecutors — Borisov district and the General — rejected by the courts. Achieve truth never can: send answers everywhere that correspondence stops with me. Either: Right under is not appealable. My appeal to the President of the Supreme Court do not reach, vorachivayutsya reversed. Get on reception is not possible — they say: there is no reason. Wrote president. Let find out how conscious heresy law enforcement build cases, and how innocent people become perpetrators, and the former police lieutenant evade responsibility for predatory behavior. "
I was flipping through a large stack you sent, Ms. Myadyuk, documents, and thought: the last two years of life spent almost all search for these securities — in their
drafting, on a visit to Minsk and conversations with bureaucrats and arbitrators on resentment and feelings …
Two years — and a small minute episode on the narrow road to the lake, which could not be, if at least one of 2 persons instead of stubbornness and anger showed leniency and vstuplivasts. Are fiddling episode, Mrs. Myadyuk, embezzlement him years own life and so much spiritual power?

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