Member reincarnated into the enemy as to borrow funds

Vasily Tyuhay Berezin: "Where Lukashenko took 500 million dollars to pay for gas? Hardly he took a piece of his own" golden "throne. Likely continue to rip off poor people with the last shirt. Economics unprofitable, and a decent Chavez in no hurry to credit, recognizes certain that
Man: "Yesterday came with cottages evil, having heard you. I’ve read for you that do not know who listens to you, many are not for you very well. Constantly goes: KGB KGB yes, well, it’s a question, I think, of — they will understand. And the question of gas — it’s a matter of business entities, also sorted out. It seems to me that you have satisfaction from these situations. Why do you teach young people? Nothing great: that leaflets glue, then smear graffiti, and yet they have done nothing for their own homeland. I’m not saying that I am an adherent of the president. Can you change the music, put rumble?-What nibudt not Tell the poor, and then Find the topic as older persons live. Suppose do not drink wine, and then have enough pension. Now retired relatively good. compare with the CIS countries. Belarus is not the bad place on the current level. I heard a lady says: "If we have a normal president?" Who usual? Milinkevich? Liabedzka? "
Student: "In one of the articles davneshnih jubilee Adam Maldis have these lines:" October 29, 1937 is really a dark day in the history of literature Belarus. Then were shot Bronstein, Casual, Talbeenah, Harek, Hatul, Gedelson also Dudar, Gorki, sticks, Brewers, Staszewski, Reed … "Curiously, will celebrate this anniversary Alliance" pisatsyaley "Borovikova its members, other Cherginets yes?"
Student: "Say, possible such a state trust? Now honey sold in huge numbers, and report to here — fake honey, not natural, with the addition of chalk. How can it be that in the honey added chalk? It is not the government — is nowhere in it will not find the truth. And pills — and chalk in them, and then just not there. Neuzh you can not track down? I believe that we need to fight and because samagonavarennem: fine, judge, even plant. In another nothing. Disease will develop further. It turns out that cure only the president and his "elite" and let people die. How can you trust such a State and such a leader? "
Student: "One," Deputy-writer "not so long ago by the first radio program there said that here in Minsk, it turns out, the international center of all Slavs. So the extent to which the dignity must we, if we consider that all of the Slavs, who have their public education, but our population with its highest management did not they say the titular language of civilization? "
Student: "I wish to say to you that you will not succeed. Lukashenko — a decent, ordinary" boy. "You will destroy — all American criminals that here, in our land, there is. Close all so called-independent media that are by mafia money. will close and will close constantly. Personally, I would do it. "
Nicholas Chibis: "I wanted to ask everyone who works for Radio Liberty, and leading also: can we do about the transfer of presidential elections in the Republic of Belarus? What work is being done in order to change the Election Law What do in this direction leaders of democratic parties? And that elections will be held, all utter that were rigged, and you are done. Is in the democratic camp only fight for mandatory seat? What makessmiling for the configuration of the electoral law in Belarus? "
Galina, Minsk: "I wish to express my opinion about the performance of the sovereign Lukashenko on August 2. Not the president says it is for me this is not because he is not eligible for the third time, and this implies that it is illegitimate. crocodile tears Our homeland that Belarus wants to privatize, people do not have faith. Do not be flegmantichnymi to events in our homeland. He himself, sire Lukashenko, brought our country, become probable that such thoughts about threats Belarus. Initially coveted level thinking: "And it would be good to move to the Kremlin", and later started the Federal Government, which in fact is not. All it matterselk to get almost free of oil and gas, but ran "Dowload" means and need to think either become Russian colony or sell worthy enterprise? While blatant "guile" for advertising: kids, war veterans and old grandmother — they all "For the independence of Belarus!"
Man: "You do not RL, if the time limit for conversation. Dacha constantly listening to Radio Liberty. I have a question for itself for you, "Are you there dalbanulisya all? The same gundositse and gundositse: KGB Sukharenko, gas … You sit by yourself and listen to what you give. Who listens to you? And for nothing opposition, not for you, no one ever will not vote. And I will recommend the last year — collect all the young people, young politicians and help us raise the fee. "

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