Mick Jagger wants to support Belarusian counterculture

Artistic control "Free Theatre" Nikolay Khalezin told that the meeting with the favorite Rolling Stones accomplished one hour before the concert. Despite his busy schedule, Mick Jagger agreed to talk with the Belarusians.
Khalezin "Mick — is a level even higher than the level head of state. He has assistants who prepare briefs him about everything, and he is very politicized people, very erudavany. Because it is only a very Belarusian issue when they say: "Well, he knows that there is Belarus?"
The concert took place in Warsaw recently July 27: Mick Jagger knew what it means to this date for the Belarusians.
Khalezin: "His first question was:" What’s going on Now in Minsk? "We are told about the arrests, which in that day and took the other day. He was indignant: the last dictatorship in Europe — is a nonsense, and that no plans Minsk their Euro tour — also nonsense."
From the words of Nikolai Khalezin favorite famous group of the political situation in Belarus is shocking: he knows about the missing politicians, about the closed newspaper, the arrests of opposition members and youth activists.
Khalezin: "He immediately said, if the power to do so with young people, this power can not long exist. This happened with all countries, which ignored the world population. "
Managing "Free Theatre" believes that the project "Musicians for Peace Solidarity with Belarus" may be typical public patronage of the state. And Mick Jagger, with his music and political ties in the world, will be able to attract additional attention to the Belarusian dilemmas. As for impact on the domestic situation, the case with such a musician may contribute raznyavolennyu consciousness Belarusians.
Khalezin: "We are not the Czech Republic, Poland, we do not, but we — not even Mongolia and Ethiopia. Yes there is some flow of its intellectuals. Belarus is in the middle of Europe, because here there are intellectuals and youth layer that will govern the state through a couple of years. We are reducing their ability — this is our problem, this is not the problem in Europe. And since this is our dilemma formed the problem of Europe. "
During a meeting in Warsaw, representatives of the "Free Theatre" with Mick Jagger discussing the possibility of his visit to Minsk. Mick Jagger agreed. But it’s unclear when it happens: the music has a very busy touring schedule and, besides, his visit may not welcome the Belarusian authorities.
Khalezin "Mick stated that he would like to come to Belarus to support those leaders of the counterculture and the musicians who are prohibited and are presently there are underground. But there will not give him a visa — this is not our issue, it’s a question of power. If the authority is not aware of who such Mick Jagger, she can not give. That’s their problem. But then he will know whole world, as we will see not only the only state in Europe where there is a dictatorship, and the only country in Europe that did not let your area Mick Jagger. "
Project "Musicians for Peace Solidarity with Belarus" has been begun in the past year — then in Minsk on October 15 came a few European DJs to perform in one of Moscow clubs. So makarom musicians recently expressed support Belarusians another a day or solidarity. Their concert was organized by the "Free Theatre". Currently preparing a series of concerts of Belarusian musicians abroad are also concerts in Europe in support of Belarus. Patron of this project will be Mick Jagger. According to managing "Free Theatre" Nikolay Khalezin brand Rolling Stones concerts of this kind will be quite simple to organize
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