Minsk Regional Tribunal considered legitimate expulsion pastor Lukasik

Minsk pastor of the evangelical church, "John the Baptist" Yaroslav Lukasik was obliged to leave Belarus on June 6. The authorities accused him of participating in the organization of meetings constructively minded youth and harm national security of Belarus in the sphere of religious relations.
Yaroslav sent despite the protests wife and three kids who have Belarusian citizens. Natalia Lukasik on behalf wife filed a complaint with the District Miadzieł tribunal. But the tribunal rejected the complaint.
Lukasik pastor wife Natalia convinced:
"I think that the decision adopted earlier. And now it was all for show. "
Lukasik Natalia came to Belarus only several days. After the expulsion of her husband, she shared with the children John, Martin and Peace, left him in Poland.
Ms. Natalia is going to appeal the decision on expulsion spouse in the higher courts. Although it is not very trusts, that the Belarusian the power to change its decision. Yet bursting with Belarus Lukasik family is not going to Natalia says Lukasik:
"What we will be outside Belarus, does not separate us from it. What we have done here, we will continue do abroad. We will meet and continue to maintain contact with our friends. We will do various projects to support cultural and educational activities, which involved my husband in Belarus. "
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