Modernized MiG-31 was accused of myopia

Modernized MiG-31 was accused of myopia
Russian radar main interceptor sees three times worse than the U.S. radar
Modernization of 10 interceptor MiG-31, which must end in October 2012, threatens to turn into a scandal. As told to «News» in the military-industrial complex, aircraft equipped with airborne radar systems (radar) «Barrier-AM» with a digital signal microprocessor «Baguette-55.»

According to the Research Institute of Instrument the Tikhomirov, who is upgrading, radar range coverage will increase by 30%.

— This gives an allowance of hundreds km. When the base complex was created, not the Americans flew closer to our 200 km, and now even more so, — said the «News» Representative Research Institute, declined to elaborate in detail the characteristics of the radar, citing closed nature of information.

But assistant general director of scientific production association «Pravdinsky radiozavod» Vitaly Orlov, who has spearheaded the creation of the radar project
MiG-31, argues that the real properties of the small radar: detection range in the front hemisphere of 80-90 km on the counter perspective (when the plane is flying towards the enemy), 25 km — on the Dogon perspective (when the enemy flees), 20-25 km in the rear hemisphere ( for the «back» of the aircraft).

— 80-90 km, even weaving — it’s not enough in today’s criteria. In the active phase of the maneuver that inevitably in combat radar properties even worse — told «Izvestia» Orlov. — At the American F14 radar sees 230 km, and at the moment, after the upgrade, up to 400 km. Our need at least 300 km.

Work on
MiG-31underway at the St. Petersburg SEC «Leninist», Nizhny Novgorod Aircraft Plant «Sokol» Instrumentation and Research Institute in Zhukovsky, the Tikhomirov. Installed on the aircraft radar «Barrier-AM» is based on a microprocessor «Baguette-55.» The creators of the Russian Scientific Research Institute of Instrument radar the Tikhomirov tried to overshadow South American radar AWG (AN/AWG-9). But, according to the views of Orlova, this was a daunting task.

— In Russia there is a modern development of radar, fully applicable to the needs of aviation. This «Beetle» (Created for the MiG-35), as «Bars» and «Irbis». «Bars» has an advantage even before the AN/APG-77, which are equipped with the South American F22 Raptor. But the Ministry of Defence decided to work with the «Eagle» and «Leninists», — explained the Eagles.

According to him, the military argued own choices surprising Tipo must maintain certain factory orders to ensure that people are not out on the street, so there was no riots and social upheaval.

— But it all out defense purposes and technology. Upgrading is really stupid — said the expert.

According to him, the most unsafe opponents for the MiG-31 aircraft will be a «stealth» technology. Frequency as the radar migovskogo 6 GHz «stealth» generally not noticeable.

— In centimeter spectra, which operates most of the Russian radar, «stealth» can not find required decimeter and meter even better spectra. In Russia so keen eyesight given only ground-based radars, and here in the U.S. and they are equipped with stationary, and air — said the expert.

Orlov said that radars are meter E-2D Advanced Hawkeye, which is currently heavily equipped U.S. Navy aircraft. But short-sighted before the Yankees will not only MiG-31, and Russian Su-27 and MiG-29 — their radar is also running in the centimeter range.

— Substitution indication and 1st an old microprocessor to another, slightly newer — it is not an upgrade — says Orlov. — MiG-31 — a very good aircraft, it glider that Americans lately repeat fail. But the amazing glider bad electronics, navigation system, and of missiles worse than you can imagine — he adds.

Former Air Force Commander Alexander Zelin spring of 2012 stated that all 60 will be modernized MiG-31.

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