Mogilev: consequences of the abolition of trade preferences

Products "Belshina" grow by 4-4.5%
Bobruisk "Belshina" became the first and so far the only company Mogilev, which recognized that the removal of trade preferences will affect the competitiveness of products.
According to the official disk imaging, products "Belshina" will be subject to duty at 4-4.5% of the price. Products more expensive, and it will affect the profitability of exports.
In the department of products in the country of so-called far abroad "Belshina" said "Freedom" follow:
"In fact, four percent each product group on the European Union our customers in the distant abroad lose these preferences from June 21. This question must be set officially management association. Call concern or higher organization."
The concern "Belneftekhim" declined to comment on the message of "Belshina", referring to the fact that it is unknown.
"Belshina" trades with 44 countries of the world, the main partner of the company — Our homeland, more than 60% of the products sold there.
Meanwhile Mogilev Regional Executive Committee had not yet counted the losses to the economy of the region from the abolition of trade preferences.
In the department of economy rely executive committee that trade preferences Belarus temporarily canceled and will soon become everything in its place.
"Such a calculation at regional level has not kept. Was such a message. Put my trust back to this issue, discern again Euro Union requirements. Maybe everything will fall into place ", — said Head of Economics Department Executive Committee.
Lena Zakhodzhaya: old anger gone to independent trade unions
EU has lifted trade preferences through-independent trade union rights violations. Changed whether in Bobruisk attitude of employers to friends-independent trade unions? And know whether the workers on the abolition of trade preferences?
These questions are answered activist "Free Trade Union" Misha Belarus Kovalkov:
"I was not expecting such, I meant that it would be rolled forward on the trade unions are independent. Say, here’s a look, people, what they have gained, — order Belarus lost here a sum of preferences. In the midst of working on this, no one knows. Now that’s a lull, I do not know where it will lead.
Maybe the authorities, the government, in including and employers to their senses. Everything is better to work within the public partnership with trade unions than to strain the situation. "
The former workers ‘Belshyna "Lena Zakhozhay, attitude of the administration of the enterprise to the friends’ Free Trade Union" has not changed. True, said Mrs. Zakhodzhaya, missing old anger.
Lena Zakhodzhaya presently retired, but contacts with the staff of the union is not interrupted.
Recall Lena Zakhodzhaya 43 a day or holding a hunger strike in protest against the symbol-independent trade union rights violations administration "Belshyna."
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