Mogilev who — independence day, one — day release

BPF through their homemade greeting cards reminiscent of iconic action Mogilev Belarusian history. Frontovtsy reminded, too, Mogilev that July 27, 1990 The Supreme Council Belarus adopted a declaration on municipal sovereignty. Specifically today — there is a real funny day of independence.
Mogilev members of the movement "For Freedom" its information campaign did not agree to a specific date. They used present day, because he’s off the streets and crowded.
In vserasprostranennom brochures located EU conditions under which Belarus will receive economic benefits. It is located and the requirements of the European Union to the Government of Belarus.
Activists of the movement "For Freedom" are going to send out a brochure bureaucrats Mogilev City Executive Committee, deputy city and regional councils, and in the city and school libraries.

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