More 2-Polish politicians are not allowed to enter Belarus

As became clear in Belarus on the same day is also not allowed to enter the head of the largest opposition party in Poland "plainclothes platform," former presidential candidate Donald Tusk and head of the parliamentary group of solidarity with Belarus Robert Tyszkiewicz. Politicians have stated that they "threaten the constitutional system of Belarus." Tusk and Tyshkevich went also to celebrate the days of the Polish Army.
"If the country is not allowed parliamentarians who do not travel at the invitation political party, and the event patriotic disposition, that all statements about the necessity of Minsk dialogue with the West — empty words, "- commented the decision as Belarusian authorities Robert Tyszkiewicz.

Day of the Polish Army — prazdnichek who celebrated the victory over Poland Russian forces in the Polish-Soviet war in 1920 ("The Miracle on the Vistula"). Martial deeds of the war took place at the location of Belarus.

• Belarusian FM: attempt Polish deputies arrival — "provocation", 15.08.2007 • Grodno celebrated day of the Polish Army — no invited guests, 15.08.2007 • Representatives of the Polish Sejm and Senate are not allowed to enter Belarus, 15.08.2007

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