Motovelo sold for 5.3 million euros

According to the Vienna edition Wirtschaftsblatt, shareholders holding, including its control Ants have Russian roots and own business in Belarus. So Muravevu owns most of the shares in the joint Belarusian-Austrian closed society "Glassworks Elizovo." Until year 2009 ATEC Holding GmbH has a factory build sheet glass under Smolevichy.
Commenting on the latest deal between ATEC and Belarusian government, foreign observers wrote that "Motovelo" sold for a nominal price, and have a go at this unprecedented step Belarusian authorities were required as a result of the financial condition "Motovelo" and its propensity of workers to strike.
Pay for the Belarusian plant ATEC begin on January 1, 2008, and before 31 January 2011 in the form of 5 contributions shall pay one hundred percent of the amount.
According to the agreement in late July decree Lukashenka, ATEC should pay all debts "Motovelo" also in 2012 to invest in the development of the company amount to more than EUR 14.6 million.
If the foreign investor does not meet the criteria established by presidential decree, he has to pay the difference between Belarus and the nominal market prices.

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