My dear homeland, you do not even have real prazdnichka Independence

Vladimir, Polotsk "Belarusian TV" pleased "news: on its territory Venesuela allowed us to extract as much 2 million tons of oil per year. During 1-x, this is not enough. Vo-2, there is a saying:" Beyond the Sea Cost heifer, it cost exactly mite, but the ruble per trip. "If the price of gasoline, made from Russian oil, we have passed the buck per liter, will cost how much gasoline from Venezuelan oil. taking into account all costs of production, transportation and so on? It will be a tidy sum. So fill the car with petrol is not to everyone’s pockets. But only apparently bureaucrats. "
"The main benefit Veterans bestowed to 100 years.’m Taking this moment allowed everyone to walk on" red light. "
Lady: "On the way to Kolodishchi hanging banner" young, powerful, is independent of Belarus. " If it is strong, headed by the dictator and the populists, why people live in poverty, especially in rural areas. Beggars wages and pensions. Yes, even deprived of benefits. Our whole life is built on heresy. "
Lady: "In Belarus celebrates official prazdnichek day republic. My dear homeland, you do not even have real prazdnichka Independence. And this July 3, another reason that the president with their offspring, and, perhaps, with the Russian Lavrov, has shown himself to profitably Avenue Minsk. And behind them the mass of satisfied veterans, obedient students and other stolen or lured procession and concerts. And others will be plugging away in the gardens, dachas. Them all the same, what it did for prazdnichek. People lost faith. Just to survive somehow.
Heard worldview that Belarusians aristocratic civilization. Think refers not so much a way of life, as a style of thinking, behavior — restraint and endurance. And completely different, unfortunately. — Some Belarusians defenselessness before today’s municipal boundless arrogance. Our particular Belarusian evert hands trample. We change the memory of our brave Protz, the memory of our majestic God-given land.
Yes hunt believe, as the poem of Maxim Bogdanovich: "Belarus, people wait for your golden, light Days". And say how Constantine Kalinowski: "Long live Belarus!"

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