New restrictions on the arrival in the United States for the Belarusian government officials

A press release from the U.S. Embassy in Belarus provides motivation solutions: "Through year after President Bush orders the adoption of 8015 on Belarus regime Alexander Lukashenko continues the practice of detention and persecution of people for expression in defense of democracy, peaceful demonstrations and protests against the repressive policies of the regime.
Despite the fact that last spring, there has been a certain weakening of repressive measures, over the past few weeks we have witnessed another worsening human rights, and the presidential decree suspends check in U.S. immigration or non-immigration visas of those responsible for the policies or actions that threaten the transition to democracy in Belarus.
At the moment, a special review procedure appeals for visas on arrival in the United States apply to subsequent categories people of Belarus:
• level officials and senior deputy ministers or equivalent;
• Attorney General and his deputies;
• officers of the Ministry Interior in rank above lieutenant colonel;
• KGB officers in the rank above lieutenant colonel;
• employees ideological divisions of the Minsk city and regional executive committees;
• Manager and Deputy Manager Presidential Administration;
• members of the Central Election Commission;
• heads of regional election commissions;
• heads of regional and district courts;
• Chairman of the Constitutional Court;
• directors and deputy directors of municipal companies;
• spouses of such persons. "

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