Night Siege — 24 July

Portal "Nasha Niva"Commented Paul Sevyarinets arrests of politicians and Aleksei Shein, who blamed" the call for an unsanctioned rally. " Comments:
"They may come in handy to isolate Sevyarinets. Only here for what? ..";
"How’s that for? Recently the shares on July 27 …";
"The concept of law in this country has long been not exist";
"And where are the names of the arbitrators? Need to Know";
"All stating facts. Democracy hunt? Will not until stop playing the" moral and Christian. "
On forums portal information about regular discussions are dilemmas in Belarusian-Russian settlements for gas supplies. July 23 Belarus was pay 450 millions of dollars for delivery in the first half, but not paid. Comments:
"A couple of years will last referendum: "Are you for addition in the title of Belarus" Northwest Territory? ";
"It would be interesting to hear comments ideologues BRYU dispersed let our black foreboding";
"All realize that Belarus remains? Sad. And long stays, and funds does not see";
"You care what your selling out something without your knowledge. Never mind."
The lounge music portal "A dozen hits" are discussions about the language at the festival "Basowiszcza." A number of groups participating in the competition program there, move their programs from Russian and artists from time to time can not even say hello to the audience from the stage. Comments:
"Basowiszcza" made a name for himself on the Belarusian-language rock music, it’s the format, if you wish. Sing in Russian — to penetrate the other festivals. The choice is always ";
"Specifically, music — no words, only the language of all interested. Cares! Maybe" Basowiszcza "festival language do? Musicians also virtually no";
"For what their own hands to drive themselves into the framework, it is often not very high in the border? Just one and will not develop as well as to get to the" Bass ", is quite simply that Belarusian-nibudt write .. . in what This is the meaning? "
Burbalka blogger writes in his diary about the perception of the people around the modern women’s fashion: "One father of Podlasie" Recent times come, ladies pants, renounced the kind in which God created the first lady. "To which he hinted? On that lady should go stark naked, in what God has done?"
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