Night Siege — 27 July

Wal_de_maar blogger is writing in his own Live journal: "Congratulations, gentlemen, fellow citizens, regardless of the views and consciousness — ’17 our joint independence, 17 years as we Belarusian citizens, and not what the other country. We live on their own land, where our forefathers lived eternally, we people with stately, very fascinating, brilliant, and catastrophic past, with a complex and as yet confusing modernity, but we have our future that we ourselves create and there our hopes and dreams — and everything will be fine, I believe! Long live Belarus and will live! "
Economist Leonid Zaika in his article "The Belarusian Happiness: Lessons paradox authoritarian country," posted on the website of the third way, writes: "Have a traditional economist, both literally and figuratively, David Ricardo, that his theory of comparative benefits will be taught at the far Belarus? Of course not. We do it yet only in the universities in the form of theoretical studios. Abstractly and casual. As an example of a theoretical political economy of the past. But not always a bad theory is good. In Africa, or Europe, Brazil or France. With this and begin. 2007 — year appropriate and effective economic decisions. When the country ran across to the fourth wave of consumption, then in the end we began to import poultry from France. Cheers cost — per 1 kilogram of French poultry we pay only 62 cents. This corresponds to the intrinsic value of 1,330 rubles. Such external competitive price. He obviously makes our prospects "gross Grill" and "Petrushka" is very unclear. In general, the situation has long been time to check on consumers. They will associate their own broilers by 6000 and by two thousand French Three-gap not stand any manufacturer. And what to think this occasion supporters of joining the global trading organization? A director of the factory farms? "
Ushchent of society Living magazine minsk_by concerned such problem: "I wish to do in Minsk a few T-shirts with quotes on Lukashenko … Voronianskogo th Miroshnichenko already refused and possibly denied elsewhere (Logoiski tract Soltys). Aunts split second looking straight into eyes, and then they say a categorical "no". Ushchent appeals to other members of the community with a request to give a hint at what can be done fotatsentrah such extraordinary political t-shirts. community members recommend:
"Maybe I should not have to go to open your own" dangerous plan? "You just come and read: here I here I’ve found on the flash drive, make a T-shirt? They naturally utter" yes! "Currently padlyuchaesh flash drive and jabbed a finger at the pictures you want. If you do not pull on the form on gebist, what they fear? (They do not leave your details on T-shirts!) "
"When I made these shirts, I fetched four months … As a result, the drawings made in Moscow, and just move here, and even then after hours and on the sly. "
"Feed, printer and iron for your help."
Participants Forum Portal intrigued interview "European Radio" Ira Dorofeyeva that at harvest time to go through the fields with Belarus propaganda team. Mrs. Dorofeyeva thinks of her concerts in mechanization increases efficiency. Participants forums comment:
"Oh, hurt my choice — between work in the field and concert Dorofeyeva. Here at least some increase creation, not only on the" concert ".
"What’s that who Dorofeyeva increases? Testosterone levels? I do not work until then … "
"Was necessary check how from her cattle have to change if grow with, then send in perpetuity tour of barns. You can organize a tour and zabugornye. And in general, something our "stars" completely broke away from agriculture. There need not only people’s money to fork out, and lure artists. "
All interviews for the "Night of the siege," as any other proposals, texts and sounds on electric adresok Minsk on the answering machine Call 266-39-52 and send text messages to the number 391-22-24.

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