Night Siege — July 4

Nick the web share their impressions of the celebration days of the Republic (days of Independence), who 1997 officially celebrated on July 3 — a day of liberation of Minsk from the Nazi invaders in 1944.
meramo: "Street greeted me with a little sober masses progressive representatives of the Belarusian youth."
chris_gomel: "It» Var yatstva I just … feel overkill on this prazdnichkom life … It has so strained me very much. P» yanyya muzzle, vodka and "zapivon" stink in the tram, since everything is already "navesyale" are equally animals faces … "
maryjka_: "Over the weekend to come to us three times the police were asked to close the windows and curtains to wrap up with such and such an hour. On this basis unobtrusive always unmistakably guess that with such and such hours of you-know-who will come in the guise of ordinary people gazonakasilshchyka. "
reaktivny_puz society minsk_by publishes photos and video white-red-white flag, on balls which was flown directly in front of the stage, where he was the official concert on the occasion of a day or July 3. Reviews:
"Apparently, it was fun to stand among the intoxicated crowd. But stately worthy goal";
"I had to fight back from intoxicated Gopnik and their friends, who sought cotton. Elect Because semantic perspective and filming location did not work";
"Real men! Respect, I already thought that nothing decent in today :) did not work. "
On forums portal discussions are disappearance of Belarusian border crossings shops byazmytavaga trade duty-free. According to the decision Belarusian authorities, Stores finished at 12:00 on July 1. Comments:
"Hi, shops" Birch ";
"And I really do not like it. Me these duty-free never liked";
"Imported alcohol and so very expensive, and now lives in general … Yes fruit and berry wine and Russian vodka!".
dabrahost in his diary contains a link to a video clip, made of satirical collage on Alexander Lukashenko, Youth Union members and other defendants in the modern Belarusian officialdom.
*** All interviews for the "Night of the siege," as any other proposals, texts and sounds on electric adresok Minsk on the answering machine Call 266-39-52 and send text messages to the number 391-22-24.

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