Night study: it is worth studying abroad?

One of the prettier for Belarusians zabugornyh institutions — Vilensky Pedagogical Institute, Department belorusistiki. There coming to teach in absentia and get a European diploma. But at home the usefulness of the diploma is not enough.
After Europe offer "complete their education"
Tatyana, who studied at this university, in charge of the case from his own classmates. Woman graduated from the Institute in Vilnius, and tried to get the teacher in Minsk Belarusian language and literature:
"In one of the secondary schools in Minsk she uttered that she can not work because they have a diploma can not accept. Though, on the other hand, other classmates, say, or from any Maladziechna small towns, quiet work with these diplomas white teachersRussian language and literature. May classmate went to solve this question. She uttered that really necessary to confirm this diploma in the Ministry of Education. The Ministry uttered: no, we do not accept it as a higher education, and the only thing we can recommend for you is to take it as a part-time higher education and offer a fee based prouchitsya here still two years, from the third year. "
Ultimately bearer euro diploma works in private company, it is not their specialty. In general, to get a non-government job was also not easy: some employers reacted with disbelief to the Lithuanian diploma. Tatiana because, following the example of his own girlfriend, said: European Diploma bad only for work in Europe.
Recognition of diplomas — the problem of?
The problem consists in the fact Belarus does not have an agreement with Lithuania on automatic recognition of diplomas, explains Deputy Minister of Education of Belarus Tatiana Kovalev. Such an agreement is, for example, with Russia and Poland. But the vast number of foreign diplomas all the same verified by a special committee of the Institute of Higher Education:
"Abroad, the same of, a lot of personal institutions. Because there are such questions. Klyasyfikataram should be compared with the specialties that exist in Belarus. To do this, look at what sort of academic subjects, etc.. Maybe" everything — nothing ", no specific profession. Either it can be, and is in another country, but in our klyasyfikatary simply absent. Then, of course, very difficult to find."
European Humanities Institute is registered in Lithuania, with which Belarus has no agreement on the automatic recognition of diplomas. Does this mean that YSU graduates fail to find work in Belarus?
Bachelor Western and Belarusian "specialists"
First vice-rector of the Institute Vladimir Dounaev states that the Belarusian system of education and academic degrees as before significantly different from the European. This and many contradictions. For example, in Europe the bachelor can work. In Belarus, a bachelor’s degree are not accustomed remained Russian qualification "special" — she asks a few more training than a bachelor’s degree. Take a job only "professionals". But European Masters in Belarus recognize.
"We want to offer to continue their education and get a master’s degree — says Vladimir Dounaev. — With this degree you can get in Belarus. Yet there is one thing: Belarus signed the Lisbon Convention. This Convention, which asks all signatories to commit themselves to additions to diplomas. This was very important step towards the integration of Belarus into the European educational space. "
Belarusian Ministry of Education has no accurate statistics on how many Belarusian students are educated abroad.
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