Nina Shydlouskaya Personality Kozulin unjustifiably forgotten

Znatkevich: "Union "Fatherland" on» connects voedinyzhdy representatives of the Belarusian diaspora in many countries. What happens inside Belarus, political conflicts — as they affect the lives of Belarusians abroad? "
Shidlovskaya: "Belarusians, going abroad, remain the same cast of mind and gaze. Because those conflicts and contradictions that they lived here, they bring with them and beyond. Gurtuyuchysya And there in any organization, they retain some discrepancies vision in ways that Belarus should go. And in this regard, there are many issues and problems. "
Znatkevich: "Do you cooperate with organizations of different political world Belarusians skiravanastsi or spend a selection?"
Shidlovskaya: "We basically work with people who understand themselves Belarusians, despite their political views. We tried just in the field of» belarushchyny connect people caught for various reasons abroad. And accordingly organize events, coving together people of different political views, that they in discussions to express their point of view. "
Znatkevich: "Which countries have stronger Belarusian association more active organizations of the Diaspora?"
Shidlovskaya: "Activity of Belarusian organizations abroad often not measured by their quantitative composition. In some countries, many more organizations will organize small events only svyatah.Tak Historically, strong Belarusian diaspora in developed Western countries such as USA, Germany … In the near future very powerful wave of revival belarushchyny observed in Russia. As an example, I should like to note Irkutsk friendship Belarusian culture named Ian Cherskogo. "
Znatkevich: "During the presidential campaign last year you were press secretary Alexander Kozulin …"
Shidlovskaya: "Well, I have so far support the business with his family» it, I remain a supporter of it, the person on whom can always rely on his family, but now I am not his press secretary."
Znatkevich: "And as far as possible to keep in touch with Kozulin and get information about what is going on at the moment with him in prison?"
Shidlovskaya: "It is very difficult. Contradictory information comes, no direct communication, through a lawyer to act very hard … What is the time to enter into longer Kozulin, the harder it is to get him on the» unbiased information."
Znatkevich: "Is it always manages to convey information about Kozulin that. Which Can not get to the Belarusian society, about what was happening to him that he is the prisoner?"
Shidlovskaya: "In this experience, I saw that the enthusiasm for the individual Kozulin disappears. And it’s very sad because people performed very fundamental and significant features during the election campaign and afterwards, during the trial and during his 53-day hunger strike, when he tried to draw attention to Belarus. Currently there is such a wide network of disk imaging tools to convey information about it in the States. Those who have, are turning their attention to other prepyadstviya, Kozulin and face, in my opinion, unfairly forgotten . This is very bad for Kozulin, and political opposition. "
Znatkevich: "How do you see the way out?"
Shidlovskaya: "In my opinion, regardless of political differences, any politician, any of the political organizations have a requirement to allocate always call release Kozulin, always remember the people that he is in custody and for what reasons. This can be done even through our numerically small media . This is a matter of conscience for each of the politicians in Belarus. "
Znatkevich: "At the time, heard criticism in the address of Alexander Kozulin, that being the rector of Baku State University, he did not contribute to the public zeal and spoke abusively to the address of students who applied to him in Belarusian … Tell me how Kozulin has attracted many people nationally targeted to your team, you specifically? "
Shidlovskaya: "Kozulin — a man with a hard knowledge, what he wants to achieve in life, he is conscious person who is aware of the direction in which our country should go. In this field he had acquired for himself many adherents. Those stories that talk about it, about these scandals in college, far not all are confirmed, they are overgrown by some rumors, and this is not always true. I heard so many people thanked Kozulin for how he organized work during principalship. Their eagerness to seize the Belarusian language is worthy of respect. Belarusian language as a national, municipal as he refused. "

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