Now judge youth activists

Member of an unregistered organization "Young Front"Yaroslav Grischenya will be judged in the court of Lenin district of Minsk. Man arrested on July 27 on the approach to proactively Independence Square. In knapsack found a few leaflets calling come to the meeting with deputies Supreme Council 12th convocation, who perceived the Declaration of Sovereignty of Belarus.
Youth activist BPF Franak Vyachorka Myasnikov detained in the street as he walked to Independence Square. He was taken to the police department of the Industrial District. 10 the found leaflets became the basis for the protocol.
Three days before the trial of men kept in the bullpen Akrestsin Street.
Together 17 youth activists behind bars. Among them — Paul Seviarynets Dmitri Fedoruk, Alexey Shein Alexander Chernyshev, Valentin Sokolovsky and others. All their shares recently arrested on July 27. Half of them blame neprelichnoy battle.
Sergei Klyuyev is contagious clinic. He poisoned the prison food.

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