Number of days: 100 bucks for a thousand cubic meters of gas

By agreement with the Russian side of Belarus won the right to an adjustment period: in January-June 2007 She paid 55% of the contract price of gas. Yet, debt to the Russian "Gazprom" for gas delivered in May it reached 400 millions of dollars. Belarus must pay this debt before the end of this year.
June 30 Economy Minister Nikolai Zaichenko said that the transition from 1 July to the full payment of Russian gas prices "does not adab» TO ANY situation in the economy," because from January 1, 2007 » sub objects of management and so gas pay one hundred percent.
Chronology of the Belarusian-Russian relations over 15 years 28.06.2007
Belarus praises transit tariffs for Russian oil and gas 13.06.2007

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