O.Kozulina S.Skrebets and require EU often reminisce about Belarusian political prisoners

And last Skrabets political prisoner, and daughter of the former candidate for the highest post of the municipal expressed concern that, in their opinion, the European Union is making insufficient efforts to contribute to the release from prison of Alexander Kozulin.
Skrabets says that he began his speech with some examples:
"Maybe there is that, for example, in the U.S. Bush planted Mountain for 15 years just for the fact that he was his rival in the election? Maybe there is that Sarkozy, who recently defeated in the elections in France, planted Madame Royal in jail for 10 or 20 years? Diplomats usmihnulisya so that it can be seen — they are for themselves do not pose itself.
We also own totalitarian regime destroys opponents, either on a physical level, either morally or throws behind bars. And because I read that if the EU truly democratic, they would certainly have to express their attitude to such actions of the Belarusian authorities. "
Olga Kozulin, speaking to diplomats requested that the Office of the states they represent, do not forget about the fate of her father and other Belarusian political prisoners:
"The main thing I noted: has passed year after elections, and our work in including and ambassadors, gave certain results — political prisoners remain in jail, and the regime of Lukashenko and Lukashenko himself as before in power.
As for Kozulin itself, the situation with them is becoming worse. He was deprived of a third of short-term dating, introduced the information blockade. Also we’ve got a problem with lawyers: one lawyer resigned and no longer with us does not work. And on the other, it seems to us, it becomes political pressure. We asked the European Union, European countries, U.S. not to forget Kozulin, that they should not forget that in the middle of Europe, there is a dictatorial regime. "
Chargé d’affaires of Slovakia Lubomir Rehak, whose country from July 1 makes in Belarus as the local consulate of the European Union, in the comments our Radio on Belarusian language said:
"We listened intently Skrabets and especially the daughter of Dr. Kozulin Olga. Such meetings are included in our diplomatic duties. We want to know what are thinking politically active Belarusians have their concerns.
Naturally, it is hard to listen to restrict the rights of Alexander Kozulin in the bullpen. We asked for his daughter at the meeting to give him the best wishes and hopes to be able to welcome him to Minsk for free.
As a representative of the semi-annual management of the European Union in Minsk also wish to ask the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Belarus will allow me to meet with Dr. Kozulin in the bullpen. "
Said meeting was held under so called "Diplomatic Tuesdays." With time nedavneshnego diplomatic missions of the leaders of the EU started on Tuesday to hold joint meetings with famous people of Belarus. Behind their conversation with the co-Political Council of the United Democratic Forces and Chairman of the Belarusian Congress of Democratic Trade Unions Alexander Yaroshuk.
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