Official Minsk horrified music festival in Lithuania

The festival "Be2Gether" invited well-known musical group from Belarus, Poland, Finland, the United States, Iceland, England — more than 30 companies and performers. The implication is that the festival will bring together about 15 thousand guests. And for two weeks before the festival Belarusian Foreign Ministry made a special statement in which the threat of recalls "hostile propaganda campaigns, nyadobrasusedkay, anti-Belarusian orientation."
What caused this statement of the Foreign Ministry? Deputy Head of the Belarusian Foreign Ministry Maria disk imaging Vanshyna said:
"Everything is written. Read everything written. More I nothing to you I can tell . "
Foreign Ministry spokesman Lithuania Dine Rymashavskaytse explained that the statements of the Belarusian colleagues to comment on the Lithuanian side will not:
"We do not comment on this statement. We just wish direct attention: The very name of the festival — "Be2Gether" ("Be together") — already defines his idea and purpose — the convergence of Lithuania and Belarus, Lithuanian and Belarusian inhabitants. "
Press secretary of the Lithuanian Foreign Ministry has also assured that the Lithuanian side will undertake all necessary efforts to provide security and order during the music prazdnichka.
The festival uchavstvujut about 30 music societies of many countries in the world. From Belarus to the festival invited musical group "Liapis Trubetskoy", "IQ-48" and "Drum Extasy". Musicians such preventive statement surprised Belarusian Foreign Ministry, said the favorite "Drum Extasy" Philip Chmyr:
"Belarusian bureaucrats as I think, always make the situation themselves. They think that in Europe, in the free world, we can keep control of the audience, you can sketch out her own judgments, can be picked up, perhaps, the man with the flag, agreeing with the adjoining state. I think this festival is freedom and to keep people under control, no one will. "
Reporter: "But there are no pans to organize promotional activities not musicians?"
Philip: "We are going to perform at the festival and any shares not planned."
By the way, a significant portion of assets acquired for festival tickets, Lithuanian party lists Belarusian town Chechersk children affected by the consequences of the Chernobyl tragedy. Lithuania organized info, Centre for Radiation a couple of years poporyadku organizing health camps for Chernobyl children.
Music combine Belarus with the European Union, 19.04.2007

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