Olympic Games should take place where there is freedom

Man: "No, we will not. Lukashenko builds stadiums too small. Exclusively in Minsk one stadium for 50 thousand spectators, and you need the same, that is 100 thousand were. So there. And when tourists come — where to live? None at our hotels, and generally well no service. "
Man: "Who will go here? To pazastrelvali all? In Russia, perhaps, but we have — no … "
Lady: "Hardly. We, at 1-x, not the standard of living. Secondly 2, nowhere to hold such events, especially the Winter Games. Yeah summer too: no Olympic ponds, not on such a note of us sport, so there could be Olympic Games. "
Young Man: "I generally do not even association appears: Olympics and Belarus. Near impossible to put this world and prazdnichek our country. Unfortunately. "
Man: "I think that such can not be with us. Antidemocratic situation in the country. Olympics should be conducted where there is freedom."
Man: "Winter — so definitely not. We do not have the same criteria. To do this you have to cancel and winter mountains, because there are many sports disciplines requiring slopes. Well, summer is also not able to turn out. To do this, the actual funding and perfectly cooked infrastructure. Although some some world-class competition in Belarus could happen. "
Student: "I think in Belarus could be much more worthy of attention world-scale things related to culture and music. Why is nowhere they say about it, but only about a sport that is injuring people’s minds? Why this question is currently the primary? "
Her friend: "I believe that we need to develop our culture, and it will come by itself."
Lady: "Naturally, I would like, that event this magnitude occurred in our country, but this is unrealistic. Belarus needs so much money on hotels, stadiums and other infrastructure … Well, the landscape of our region will allow not do it. "

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