OSCE PA and tomorrow seized of the situation in Belarus

Immediately after the introduction, chairman of the committee, the member of parliament of Monaco Jean-Paul Gardety, managing official Belarusian delegation, Vice-Speaker of the House of Representatives Sergei Zabolotets offered to withdraw the document from consideration.
He stated that the situation in Belarus in the main line with democratic standards.
But members of the committee with this approach is not consistent. And Rapporteur on Belarus sovereign Lerensten out his vision of the Belarusian situation.

Sergei Kalyakin: "He laid out the shortcomings that are currently in Belarus in fulfilling those responsibilities that it assumed when entered in the OSCE"

Co-Chair of the Political Council of the United Democratic Forces Sergei Kalyakin, which together with the employees were invited to the meeting, says that the speaker gave the following estimate:
"Tough enough in the opinion of the official Belarusian side. And in our opinion, is very close to reality and very constructive. He laid out the shortcomings that exist at the moment in Belarus in fulfilling those responsibilities that it assumed when it comes into the OSCE, in areas Human Rights, electoral legislation. And with all this refers to certain areas that need to go to the Belarusian authorities to correct the situation. "
Natalia Andreichik Council of the Republic has posted the official position of the Belarusian side. By As the last, She especially emphasized that the presidential elections in Last year and local observers from the CIS was praised as democratic. And so, he says, which may be a claim to Belarus?
According to Sergei Kalyakin, in the debate were twelve parliamentarians. Adnosna neutral position was taken by the deputy of Kazakhstan which read, that the OSCE has to take into account the specifics of the post-Soviet republics.
Other speakers from Italy, Austria, France, Switzerland, the Czech Republic and other states, criticized the Belarusian authorities.
Another co-chair of the Political Council, Anatoly Lebedko, explains that he and his co located in Kiev as observers. Participate in the debate because MPs do not have the right to:
"Naturally, in the intended Lukashenko deputies have the ability to present their positions. And we have the ability (and it should be recognized) while working on the sidelines. I think our position look stronger — just the facts very hard to fight. "
Parliamentarians from the OSCE decided to continue the discussion of the draft resolution on the committee tomorrow. July 7 and they are going to vote on this document.

Anatol Lyabedzka: "If the emperor approached Zabolotets Incline age people seem to those on the left, the youth claimed that they should declare"

Now representatives of several youth organizations of democratic Belarus jointly with Ukrainian officers staged a picket structure of the Verkhovna Rada, which meets the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly. The purpose of their action — to draw attention to the situation in Belarus.
Anatoly Lebedko knows that he watched the subsequent picture:
"If the emperor approached Zabolotets Incline age people seem to those on the left, the youth claimed that they should declare. At the session he spoke and said, that we have problems with democracy, that we are democratic elections, that we have no political prisoners. Youth claimed clarification. And he began read something, and later just escaped from the picket. "
On Saturday and held a roundtable in Belarus, which normally holds Bundestag deputy Uta Zapf. The summer session of the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly began yesterday and will end in Kiev on Mon July 9.
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