OSCE PA Committee approved the draft resolution on Belarus

As reported by the press service of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine of the draft resolution angered unchanged delegation of the National Assembly of Belarus to the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly. Head of delegation, Vice-Speaker of the House of Representatives Sergei Zabolotets said committee member Christian Lorentsenu that the draft resolution in this form "completely unacceptable from viewpoint principles and mutually respectful dialogue and cooperation within the OSCE. "
During the consideration of the draft resolution, members of the official delegation of the Belarusian directed attention that sovereign Lorentsenam documents prepared "even more so kontpraduktyvnyya incomprehensible and, as soon between the Belarusian delegation and OSCE PA Working Group developed a fruitful collaboration, which resulted in the successful conduct This year Minsk seminar on "Study skills for Republic of Belarus within the framework of the European Neighbourhood Policy. "
According to the official views of the Belarusian delegation, "approved in Kiev negative resolution on Belarus negate the work done and do not contribute to constructive relations with Belarus Parliament working group of the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly."
During the voting on amendments to the draft resolution, members supported 4 of 13 made by the Belarusian delegation amendments. Belarusian delegation claimed the deletion of the paragraph resolution, in which the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly invited to express regret for the adoption of amendments to the Electoral Code of Belarus, in accordance with which, in the midst of the rest of the limited rights of candidates to meet voters in the open air.
Committee members were not in favor of the Belarusian delegation to exclude from the resolution of the point at which the OSCE PA "bezotstupno calls on the Belarusian government and the parliament to amend the electoral legislation and ratify them in order to ensure compliance with standards of the OSCE."
Another rejected amendment Belarusian delegation was against the point where he wasOSCE calls and release all political prisoners and hold is independent investigation or review of cases missing.
Official Belarusian delegation ignored the "round table" in Kiev ", 07.07.2007

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