Our homeland and Belarus have agreed

Belarusian and Russian sides after meeting Prime Minister said that the forthcoming work is conducted at the level of professionals. The head of the Russian government Misha Fradkov came out to the press, said:
"We have agreed to continue to work. We filed arguments of the parties, which will be considered in future work."
Meanwhile, a day or three reverse Minister of Finance Minister Alexei Kudrin told reporters that the government previously approved for credit granting Belarus. However, the minister did not call the loan amount and said nothing about the fact on what criteria it will be made.
Specific credit terms and have now become an obstacle to the conclusion of agreements premiers — Capital analyst believes Andrew Suzdaltsev. In an interview with Radio Liberty, he noted, the delay is because the Russian side for loan requests to pay more recognizable shares of Belarusian companies. A Belarusian side does not agree:
"If guarantees are provided in the form of shares in companies, no question of debt restructuring could not get. Shares transferred to the market, auction, exchange and sell."

"Interests Russians are known: first two refineries — in Mozyr and Novopolotsk."

Economics professor Boris Zheliba Minsk believes that the Belarusian-Russian trade around the credits, debts and accessories will be difficult:
"Clearly, Our homeland that put conditions: if you do not splachvaetse current debt — 500 million bucks for gas, and "live" no money, you must pay property ownership. Interests of Russians are also known: first two refineries — in Mozyr and Novopolotsk.
And I think the point here is cost. Belarusians exhibit high prices that are not satisfied with the Russians. And of course they offer low cost Belarus. And because I believe will continue to trade. Remember, bargaining was similar and "Beltransgaz".
Head of Department of the Institute of CIS countries Belarus in Moscow Alexander Fadeev draws attention to the fact that since July 1, the Belarusian side has to pay to "Gazprom" full price of gas — $ 100 per a thousand cubic meters. And it causes and the need for growth as the loan amount and percent reduction for its use:
"Maybe the problem of Russian side has divided into two: the return of the debt, which already exists, and the latest nazapashanne debt. And this division is not profitable and is not comfortable for Belarus, which wished to solve all in one package.
If Our homeland will continue to insist on their own, then the position of Belarus seem to me as lost. And even if our homeland will allow roll over debt payments for the first half of the year, it will be made under a certain percentage. "

On the need for a stabilization loan management Belarus stated after, as from January 1, gas prices for Belarus were raised. Prior to July 1, according to agreements with "Gazprom", the Belarusian side was paying only 55 out of 100 bucks each thousand cubic meters of Russian gas. And from this came the debt of 500 million dollars.

• A. Suzdaltsev: "Our homeland is asking for a loan shares best companies", 30.07.2007

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