Our segodnyaschy school — as Russian dining …

Many of our students, who live far away from the capital and big cities, in his letters to the "Freedom" talk about rural affairs of configurations occurring in rural areas; trying to look into the future of the Belarusian province.
Our friend Paul Satz davneshny village of cankers Malorita district in a new letter to the "Freedom" report on the follow local announcements.
"There was once in our Mokranah combine consumer services — CCD. Later it was closed, the house stood empty. Gave half his shop under a private owner — Semen Avakumavichu Makaruk. It has streamlined its premises, repaired, put the stove: pleasure to look at. And here’s the news: September 1st, in his half of this structure is taken — again under the BWC. And he said: "If you want to trade — go into the house Gasovik." It’s — two kilometers from the center. There flowing roof needs repair. A zbudova again, not personal — municipal.
Many of us ask, and not for all this venture to take away the opponent, and again on the building hang pood castle? After all, it was right on the corner, municipal shop — grocery, draper, economic departments. A shopping center space was turned into piles of garbage. Our people said: "Certainly, expect Maerchyka with" Freedom ", so again came and said to whole world, what’s going on. "
Most likely, the emperor Sats Makran inhabitants sensible guesses: hardly like local leaders spazhyvkaaperatsyi that local buyers are not their money to them, and to wish the store in which, for sure, and the prices are lower and more freshest food. The situation is typical and tyscham tyscham Belarusian villages. Spazhyvkaaperatsyi system (in fact, this statist structure) over many decades used to the fact that rural people will not go away — and buy stale bread, and undefined "age" sausage and darazheznyya candy … He will not go for it all in the 10-ki km to the city. And there is a private trader, able to bring to the village people need the products and the best quality and prices for much prettier. That in this case has to do spazhyvkaaperatsyya? Reduce device management? Finding new suppliers? Recruit new employees — more adventurous and fast? All this is difficult and hard. Much easier to go to the executive committee, complained that personal shop is dangerous for the state — and ultimately away from private owners adventurous space or impose his "very heavy" fines.
Created subsequent letters — Leonid Sabbaths of Nesvizha.
"I can not understand why chicken legs imported from America, two times cheaper than in ours, which do not need to drive across the ocean? Wage same on our poultry farms 10 times lower than in the U.S.. Fodder we probably cheaper than in the U.S.. What is the reason for what is happening? "
Circumstances, sire Sabbaths lot. Other technologies, other equipment. Where in the United States engaged one person, working in Belarus 10. And above them besides razdmuty administrative apparatus. Labor productivity in the end — is incommensurable. In general, the root cause of many of today’s economic woes Belarus — lack of efficient owner, the owner. The problem, which time led to the collapse of the Russian economic model remains unsolved and in today’s Belarus.
Letter from Germany, from the town Segena from Igor Padgaradetskaga that signed as a "temporary guest worker". Student reflects on some features of the psychology of the Belarusian society. In particular, it struck him as Belarusians reacted to the decision by the authorities severely restrict the children, the price of Western charities leave for recuperation limit.
"I sure do not know much own people, although born and raised in Grodno and all vacation spent in the midst of the village boys, where relatives lived. I overestimated as some of my fellow countrymen. I thought: now would be a great outcry from the mothers of these unhealthy children. was sure of it to the same as our eyes beheld a wave of protest in Germany. Local people that collect money for our children on such trips, resented deeply.
But was registered in Belarus at least one case where the mother ailing baby officially to the public in some places, said: "What are you up there, zgluzdu left? Your healthy children can ride where zahochut — from their cultural shock not. A our unhealthy impossible? "It turned out there somewhere at least one mom with picket placard protest against the municipal debilizm? If not — then we have what we deserve. You need to have the courage to look truth in the eye. "
Ends his letter Igor Padgaradetski subsequent withdrawal addressed favorites opposition:
"If there is something you are planning, you should not proceed from the virtual sucked from the finger, the situation and the real psychology of our people. Necessary to build people the way they are and not as we would like for you to create. Not idealize it, and deliver impartial socio-political and moral-psychological diagnosis of our entire society — and the peasants, and workers, and intellectuals. "
I think, sire Padgaradetski, idealization and huge illusions about the extent of democracy in most of the Belarusian society favorites opposition is no longer over the last 10-15 years was many abilities in order to get rid of such illusions.
As for mom unhealthy babies who were deprived of the ability to rest abroad, then there still should be considered an important feature of the current Belarusian reality. Decided in Belarus on public protest — in other words, risk their jobs, careers, welfare. Belarusian mother no less than it does not matter what other indignantly when her baby something otymayut. But for all that she has other deeply obliged to think about the consequences of their own possible protest, which may be the most dramatic for her and her kids.
Our listener Leonid Karpovich village of Luni Mosty district almost 40 years at school. His worldview about today’s education system in Belarus, he expressed in a letter to "Freedom."
"Our segodnyaschy school — it’s like Russian dining room, in which teacher-chef from bad prepares goods harmful to the soul and health food and forcing her to eat. So you will eat and without coercion, as the other — no. And after a while all become unhealthy — on a physical level, and spiritually. It would be unfair state that we are all schools. There are teachers, lessons that kids are going to hunt. But these — a small amount. Such teacher-gardeners twist around love and affection fragile sprouts contrary reality once a day at the risk of losing a job.
But now in the national conscious teacher is only one way — the way the civilian education. Necessary to assist each pupil to form a personal opinion, to understand that everyone has the right to personal choice in life.
One of the heinous cases communist system was the creation of the modern community of people — people without conscience. Life without conscience release from suffering, as life without the mind frees the need to think. Man loses soul and transformed into an instrument of the devil. Unfortunately, this is a live and for today’s Belarus. "
The listener also speaks to us with a request to follow:
"I beg possible often included in your transmission perform the anthem of Belarus "God Almighty." If this can not be done once a day, at least once a week, on Sunday. And Belarusian prazdnichkom do it worth. After all, where else can an ordinary Belarusians hear it? "
Thanks to you, sire Karpovich, for a fascinating letter.
We try to take into account your wishes. True, the promise that the anthem will sound once a day in the air, we can not. All the same, our listeners that through obstacles and noise in the air catching waves Belarusian Freedom expect us to this news, of information. Well, not a lot of rather short wave pprydatnyya for high-quality mu
sic reproduction. And listen to the beloved tune at any time of not so difficult: find recording (tape or CD-ROM) is not an unsolvable problem.
Thanks to everyone who found the time to write on "Freedom." Write. Waiting for new posts.
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