People on Freedom

About fans Alexander Lukashenko’s policy
Anatoly Zherdev, Gomel:
"In his letters to the" Freedom "and call often criticized" lukashistov. "Such harassment does not give fruit, because real" lukashistov "inherently strong enough. Under real I understand those who know the truth, all savvy — and still supports Lukashenko . Others are guided by propaganda in the form of noodles on the ears. midst of my friends there are. I support them great things, because life is hard-working and conscientious people. Their failure is that they have not received a high-quality education. If the media will read the truth about events, most of these people from adhisnetstsa Lukashism with disgust and indignation. Lude Belarus gained independence outside, but the people remain internally unfree. To perfectly aware of it, you need to carefully read the Bible, "Maintenance." People who are used to to slavery, and become accustomed to the fact that all of them depend on the actual prepyadstviya owner, addressed only to them.
Now it is possible to monitor not only the middle "lukashistov": even in opposition to a lot of people with this outlook. Many criticized Milinkevich now that he has not found what they want. But none of them asks the question: "And what I personally did to help bolster Milinkievich and to realize those dreams?" Disgusting what some favorites are in such sentiments to undermine Milinkevich style and a favorite to take his place. Such people even more insecure than true "lukashisty."
Checks on "Property"
Ilya Kopil, Minsk:
"If the government warned that the checks will be valid only until the end of 2003, I hurried to put them wherever offered" Belarusbank. "Ultimately for their checks, we have acquired 262 shares of several companies -" Menskpraektmebli ", Minsk building plant, "Spetsradyenaladki" and "Menskgruzavtatransu".
And in February 2006, "Menskpraektmeblya" transferred us dividends: in two years 25 shares (100 checks) brought me already 720 rubles (30 U.S. cents). Such an insulting amount I get refused.
And on April 13, I got even more insulting amount. Now currency transfer for 340 rubles sent to me from "Menskgruzavtatransu." It’s revenue for the three and a half years for the shares is 62. For such funds, even just passing tram. Getting them again, I refused.
Komarovskoe on market I have a friend bum. Shaking hands, he usually turns to me with the same request: "Ilya Philippovich, let a thousand." It is shameful to give one a thousand: that her priobretesh for money? Because I give from 5 to 10 thousand. Know, vodka he does not drink, funds will be used for bread … I shamefully, but for some reason there is no state … "
On the fight for justice
Anatoly Saharusha, place Malech Berezovsky district:
"5 and a half months, I did not appoint retired. I justified that this law has been broken. And reached the fact that the account of the farm I have paid more than a million rubles — the amount that is calculated in the area. Obey with own payroll refund state farm cashier. This — only one case. And how many of them were in life!
Practically every family there are discussions about what people prick, humiliating that they bullied and nowhere justice. All these kids hear. And with youth understand one thing: all the heads need to be afraid.
My wife and I raised 2-daughters. They are young to know what to listen to the older, well-trained, be courteous to all, do not return evil for evil. Bottom line: both received higher education (youngest graduated from high school with a gold medal). Work, stroll to the church (the youngest — in the church choir). They heard from childhood that was said in the house, beheld how we had to defend his wife the truth (we do not hide from the kids). And now I see myself daughters and wife. They are still young, and they have had a chance to stand up for themselves. And they have defended the truth.
I wanted the audience to recommend to have in every home Constitution, Labour and Administrative Codes. Remember also about the collective contract (in practice it is often broken or simply not the Labor Code). Then you will always be a lawyer for himself. Respect yourself, family, kids, family. Must also eventually be called people. "
About historical names
Edward Tobin, Smolevichy:
"Our Constitution should begin as follows:" We, the people majestically … "We are totally unfounded abazvanyya Catherine II« snowy Russ ", and our region," Snow white Rus ", in fact — Lithuanians, Lithuania and Lithuanians. Objective rename hid not occupiers -" to forever bind to the Russian Federation. "And" tied ". Naturally Civilization exists over how her name. But if society is devoid own historical memory etnagenetychnaga own name, she has no chance of survival, dying. Afterwards our grandchildren may not be worthy of the future. "
On the construction of nuclear power plants
Konstantin Syrel, Ushachi:
"Once read in the journal" Cognition — force "that the price of nuclear power plant construction — 20-25 billion dollars, and the period — 25 years. After the station should be closed and canned and preserved and worth about upcoming service as much as and construction. If I’m right, then the NPP will cost us and our descendants even more expensive than we think. This — first.
Second. In general, I am not the enemy of nuclear energy. But categorically against, so NPP built Belarusians, and even more so Russian. Why? And as in Russian and Belarusian builders (though not sulk) have a tradition — Mondays comes to work, I’m sorry, "with a hangover."
Third. We have plenty of work in saving energy. For those crazed funds worth NPP can be in each apartment, school, kindergarten, in every office and enterprise in the country to put evravokny triple ashklennem; rusted pipe heating mains to change the so-called "advance isolated" (in Russian — "pi pipe" ) translate where lighting can only be on energy-saving light bulbs — the list in a small letter. This will give a huge savings, which simply overrides the power plant. The effect will be very fast, even faster than we obtain the first quarter from the plant. "
On relations with neighbors
Nicholas Kanahovich, Pruzany:
"Relations with Russia, we have to build because it makes our neighbors — Poles, Lithuanians, Latvians. Must live as neighbors, to trade profitably, but with all this respect yourself first, its own people, its history and language.
Remarkable fact. Total humanitarian assistance the U.S. and European countries of Belarus for all years after the Chernobyl disaster on 31 December 2004, amounted to thirteen and a half billion dollars. And what is in this sense that we assist our homeland? This is its reactor exploded at Chernobyl in 1986, because she declared herself vlasnitsay all Russian property? So why did she not paying us for great harm inflicted on their imperfect equipment and technology? "
On the contract system
Vasily Cornflower, Radoshkovichi Molodechno district:
"I once experienced and war and unemployment. And I can not agree with those who believe that unemployment — worse than war. Indeed unemployment brings famine, and it is essentially a terrible war. Say, we starve nobody dies ? It is so. But the horror of losing a job makes a person weak-willed and mean — spiritually unhealthy. This horror constantly keeps in suspense. unchanging A stress — it is physical illness.
With stop a person can do anything. For example, to drive on the premature vote, forced subbotniki, underpaid wages, insult and humiliate, make absurd write newspaper …
Introducing the contract system, Lukashenko could not know that there is no-independent trade unions and the courts. But he gave managers a cudgel to intimidate and curb subordinates, which is not, perhaps, in any other country.
Usually, in such control premature vote turnout — 100 percent, the greatest contributions to the work days and stuff like that. Unrealistic to imagine that workers enrolled in such company any disloyal to the government party. Do it all selflessly. Such power head allows almost everything. This nesusvetno highest wages, and building on the cheap (or completely free) luxury cottages, and free room service, which receives a salary at the plant, and zabugornye trips and other enjoyable moments. All these antics are not only allowed, and encouraged, because such makarom just keep at least some control on the hook. Let him at least half a step depart from the general band — pull the hook here, and all these pranks will be subject to criminal proceedings.
… And I wish to say that feed human, that he got fed, even easier than cure the soul and set his mind. And in your programs, you can often hear about low salaries, pensions, prices, etc.. I think you need to beat all the forces for the fact that the person was a man. "
On the consequences of the Chernobyl
Misha Kandrychyn, village Sidorovichi Mogilev district:
"Life at the moment is such that" Freedom "can write every day. Middle of my relatives and friends from the consequences of Chernobyl (from oncological diseases) once a year are killed two or three people. We have hitherto not know the whole truth about then what happened and how it could end for our people and for future generations.
Unfortunately, the power is in our grasp ignorant, uneducated people. And it should give scientists — such as Karpenko, Gonchar, Pozniak … Yes, but where are they now? .. "
About benefits
Lady: "Depriving benefits needy kids and seniors, Teran Lukashenko took away their already poor diet sweets and fruits. I disabled and liquidators, donors can say took out his piece of the white wheat bread. At the same time, without hesitation, threw overboard 400 million dollars, which remained in the Belarusian budget, thanks to trade preferences. Here is his concern for ordinary Belarusians welfare Belarus, which Lukashenko Teran shouted themselves hoarse on July 3. "
Man: "Cancel benefits invalids, pensioners who are over 60 years old, and with all this pension increment police, the military, who are over 40, almost doubled in the other — this is the culmination of socialism lasts."
Man: "Once elected representatives to their constituents brought such a gift that benefits people with disabilities canceled, donors and other categories of people, then went to the discussion that will increase the retirement age for men and women. Is this true? How this information is real? I think she still has some under a base, in other words, even the workers pensions are not increased since November last year. I would like to find out more specific information about how to raise the retirement age for our people. "
On Milinkevich
Madam, Mogilev: "At a meeting with Alexander Milinkevich Mogilev I made sure that it should not be with those who disagree with him. I listened to him and tried to catch at least one reason to disagree with him. U I did not work out, although I can also bet, if this is necessary. The newspaper "Freedom" for 10-16.06.2007, Anatoly Lebedko argues that there is political will to have unity. What Milinkevich has the will to unity, I was satisfied. And it will not split leads. argue, of course, possible, but not to such an extent as that one in the West, the other pulls the East. With Russia Belarus lived for many years with an outstretched hand. And now asks. And Europe or the EU itself will offer help, in other words, Belarus all the same in Europe. Milinkevich — not the enemy of, and faster one. Which is why here argue pochetaemy Anatoly Lebedko? "
Of medicine
Man: "This week I have a case on our stop overheard 2-ladies, one of which — a young mom girls 4 years. She complained that he could not put his own baby to the clinic because there is no anesthesia, nothing to do anesthesia Pinsk in child health clinics. Because the child is not yet placed in the clinic. And she go to the village and collects blueberries, to somehow improve their real position. It seems to me that these facts again suggest that not all of us really so excellent, as we hear on the radio, especially in the municipal prazdnichkom: Tipo people live with us very well and care about the citizens of the country, in particular children, large and unalterable. "
On the anniversary of Yanka Kupala
Lady: "Hello," Freedom! "The message for the anniversary of Yanka Kupala Belarusian president and is claimed to be" Yanka Kupala would have been pleased at the moment, if I saw an economically strong and prosperous Belarus. "Approximately quote. And even here, in the message, knit policy populism. From what I saw would be proud Belarusian poet, or would sustain his soul — overclocked Belarusian school sassy Russification; nationally conscious Belarusian poets and writers, musicians almost Belarusian underground; destroyed historic building in Minsk to Russian businessman managed to launder their money here, and not only in Minsk, stubbornly vytoptvaetstsa historical memory of the people, cheating, like poison mist everywhere, especially stubbornly crippled young souls. while the highest memory of Yanka Kupala — it read his beautiful, delicate deep national poetry, his works. Yes, even at the celebration in Vyazynka July 7th can not be purchased as a reporter said, "Freedom," a book of the poet. And it was adopted municipal programm anniversary celebration of Kupala. So it is still done? Who is responsible? More about Igor Luchenok. What is not said he is not recalled that in his music, songs — a legacy of Yanka Kupala, poetry Kupala? Not surprisingly, many years ago, Igor Luchenok set to music is: "We do not sow and do not plow, we wallow durachiny, from the belfry hat waving at Poznyak. "Maybe not cap. Yet what I do not remember. I do not want to say very loudly: Belarus at the moment, as in Shekspiravym sayings -" Feast or Famine . "
On Radio Liberty
Man: "I occasionally listen to your transmission. They are not competent, they are destroying our Belarusian people, and so you mistakenly post their thoughts. Essentially, you and your RL undermine the economy, undermining everything. So maybe we have some aspects. But we have to climb themselves, so no one bothered us, neither our homeland, neither the U.S. nor how much more you. adyvaetsesya You are not right for us. We ordinary, intelligent, healthy civilization. I am one of those, not very young, I lived for 40 years or longer. Everything went. not obstructed nor there, nor there, we were given to work quietly, we would normally lived. Like you, if you are true Belarusians will be able to read such things Radio Liberty? About our Belarus, about our own mothers Belarus! Lukashenko A regular person who is trying to do something for our Belarus. Maybe something is not right, someone does not like. Personally, I’m satisfied. Thanks You do that, maybe will listen. "
About Lukashenko
Tatiana Barrel, Ossipovichi: "Good evening. At that Rygorych fussing about the public interest, do not believe ever. How bulldozers Kurapaty? March 25, 2006? The liquidation of the Belarusian language and abplyavany Bulls? Permission to live in Chernobyl areas? Sale Russians our plants (in our area such for three) How! "
Man: "The Governor-General of the Royal Russian Empire Ants went down in history as the hangman uprising fighters for a free Belarus, Kalinowski Constantine and his associates. A country Lukashenko Belarusian head go down in history as the strangler, fighter of the Belarusian language, literature, culture, history, signs and freedom. Two soul mates hangman Ants and Strangler Belarus — Lukashenko. "
Talks between the government and opposition
Larissa, Minsk: "Until such time as the government begins to negotiate with the opposition, everything will be as before: the opposition will bring any suggestions on how to make a better situation in the country, elections, etc., and the government itself to themselves. Lude have somehow adapted and lives its own life and did not even listen to no one nor the other. Much of the population for Lukashenko, and so be it. A youth stand up for their rights. Configurations not and will not be the last time . "

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