Players have gained the payment of wages due to strike

The other day, Saturday’s game with Grodno "Neman" The players did not come to training and announced that they would boycott the meeting if they do not pay two months’ salary arrears. Proper "protest notes" were oriented in the vertical and Brest in Belarus Football Federation. But the problem is only half solved: players received wages until July.
Late payment of salaries exist in other Belarusian clubs, but a whole team of players strike happened, perhaps for the first time. My co-worker, a sports columnist for "The Evening Brest" InAsil Sarychev states that the problem started after the disturbances in the general sponsor of the team, the enterprise "Brestenerga":
"There was so to say" inner revolution ": chairman of the club began to be CEO" Brestenerga. " In other words, the sponsor according to the presidential decree formally left the company, but particularly the chairman "moved the". Naturally, the huge enthusiasm among people are not there to stay there all fine in his absence. And it was that somehow annual budget was already in the midst of wasted years. On trips and resettlement funds there, but their wages can not be used. After payroll funds must be from sources of sponsorship. So here they just do not. "

On trips and resettlement funds there, but their wages can not be used. After payroll funds must be with sponsorship sources. So here they just do not

To solve the scandalous situation football club under warranty administration Metropolitan district of Brest, which is presently patronizes "Dinamo", had to take Bankovaja credit. On account players and coaches translated salary for July. Unresolved question of payment for August and September, which is rapidly completed. As will be further dealt with the situation — is the secret. New sponsors, which they say in the district administration, ready to take on the balance of the command only from next year.
Vasily Sarychev states that the situation in Brest "Dynamo" should be a good lesson for other Belarusian clubs:
"The players of the same BATE small salary, but in the case of performing tasks they receive more than it would on wages. Other words, well developed system of prizes. And in Brest contracts carried quite huge earnings, which, of course, draw funds . Moreover, they are unevenly distributed than as problems for themselves nastvarali. Gained legionnaires played while sitting in duplicate, prepared two times more than the players on the field. And the fact that this abscess gradually began straining, it to the best. After four previous year was real failure: the facilities were, and there was no football. And it looked very bad. "
Naturally, income Belarusian players incomparable with other football countries, but they differ from the lucrative salaries majority of Belarusians. The average monthly salary of the player state championship is 5 thousand dollars.
The best method to earn good money — go by the already mentioned BATE and conquer the European elite. Fruit of today’s game Borisov at the lowest budget — the vast sums from getting into the Champions League group stage.
"Dynamo" from Brest for all dilemmas cash position in the championship is not losing and goes to 5th place, not much inferior favorites. Saturday’s meeting with the "Neman" ended peacefully — 1:1. But more on the team adrezanue Exchange conflict, which has already received resonance?

And we figured, Why spend excessive time? It is very thick wall to try to break it. And foreheads are not as solid

The problem of funding remains a key to the whole Belarusian sports. What to read about athletes who have exhausted their own "resource." At the end of a career, even some Olympic favorites are literally penniless. Four years back, after the Athens Olympics, four-time Olympic favorite in fehtavanni Victor Sidyak and Olympic favorite in velyasportse Vladimir Kaminsky have initiated the creation of the "Club of Olympic champions," who through the help of sponsors should help athletes, "written off circulation." But the authorities did not meet went and thought … moved to Russia. Why is this happening against the backdrop of loud statements about the priority sports in Belarus? Question Vladimir Kaminsky:
"How do I know what sort of deep currents? Decision is taken and speak on this matter after the fact their thoughts, their explanation of this decision somehow funny. Necessary to know all incidents do to read something … Significantly different: Victor Sidyak whereupon went to Russia, got there citizenship, in other words, the idea of these scholarships suffered there. And there he founded his own problems without foundation and running. And last year we received a message from the City Department of Justice that we are denied registration. And we figured, Why spend excessive time? It is very thick wall to try to break it. And foreheads are not as hard. "

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