Polish spies, as well as self Belarusian KGB … Only laughter and worthy

Lieutenant Colonel Gennady supplies Moiseenko: "About a television show about Polish spies. Apart laughter and pardon, which appears after showing reasonable people seemed even a couple of strokes. During 1-x, real performance and quality of air protection bit with today’s technology can be tasted through modern earth satellites. 2nd. Thanks to an agreement about ordinary guns, from which, in the words of the emperor Lukashenko, Belarus will not be released Lately, and Poland, as a NATO member, just need to get all the information that Belarus should absolutely give, because the check is made every six months. Hence Polish spies, as well as self Belarusian KGB on kontravyvedachnay efficiency, as read just is not necessary, and worthy only of laughter … "
Ivan’s grandfather: "I wish the creator of" Minsk manifesto "on the accession of Belarus to the Russian Federation to recall the words of former President United States"If a country implements independence for some other benefits, it certainly will lose this and that." I’ll give the creator manifest in his father’s gift canoe and let them rake along the Dnieper at least until the Dark Sea, and there in Turkey. Every Turk them utter that never their country attached to other country he will not. Accession of Belarus to the Russian Federation — a death for of the Belarusian. Long live Belarus! "
Man: "The greatest threat Belarus away from the present regime, the dictatorial regime of power. Power destroys Byelorussian, Belarusian culture, history, science. More active fighters for the bright future of Belarus either destroyed or are sitting in jail, or obliged to go abroad. Heard evidence that in 50 years in Belarus remains only 5 million people. And after 100 years, only a million. Which will not destroy himself burst mode. In Belarus will Kupalovskaya "scattered nest". But God is merciful. Long live Belarus! "
Constant listener: "I heard here, people spoke about the students engaged in Poland. They will not take anywhere else. People do not understand why they’re studying — the authorities are not willing to release them, fear, there’s something else … Who are they needed? (…) As if you did — the learner rather than laz somewhere! After all, he will play truant. What it will be special? That’s it. Everything is explained very simply … "

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