Poll: Why Our homeland increases economic pressure on Belarus?

Man: "In my opinion, everything is simple. How much can date anyone who does not wish to be friends with you? If we comply with the policy of the Russian Federation, it could be a cheap gas and oil. And if we are not with Europe or Russia, it is necessary to uniformly cross on market relations. "
Lady: "I am very tired from all these issues and the whole of this policy. A thousand years, all these tales: the allied countries — such sos. But it’s all a fairy tale for the poor. "
Guy: "I can imagine what the consequences will be. Smallest: increased prices for utilities. And all this will be pockets of ordinary taxpayers. But what causes it — not I can tell . "
Reporter: "Why Our homeland increases economic pressure on Belarus?"
Guy: "I think that with the fact that our president is trying to make the country to be independent. RF And it is still not like it. And because they reinforce the requirement."
Lady: "dislike Belarus. But like Anyway, we all the same will survive. "
Guy: "I believe that our homeland it mattersis for Belarus to become its appendage. Currently there will be new president, which does not need will be our Lukashenko. And because they are restructuring our business so that in the future Belarus became a Russian application. "
Lady: "I think you need to pay. You go to the market — buy and pay. That’s the whole reason. Russians also need to eat, as we do. And because living on loans … — Once it is completed. Someone who gives loans, at one point, it becomes boring. "
Man: "The Russians are willing to achieve their own. All the same Putin’s proposal, that Belarus was province, for them is a live ".
Reporter: "Why Our homeland increases economic pressure on Belarus?"
Guy: "I think our homeland presses since Lukashenko is not willing to negotiate. I think they want to attract business here Russian and Lukashenko is not willing to share."
Lady: "I know that for Ukraine gas went up, but for some reason there are all things and products a lot cheaper than we do. Certainly, with our economy is not doing great. A Our homeland that presses — I do not think so. They sell their raw materials for the funds. Just like me and you, and everyone would sell. "
Man: "I think not because I do not like the Lukashenko regime. And all this from an economic interest. Why should any country be another country? Necessary to calculate how much we should Our homeland and how much we need them — and all. We are neighbors we can be friends. But we have to pay. Then there will be peace and friendship. "

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