Prague accent: We have our own independence, you — own … Part 1

Mass arrests: a common reaction in unusual circumstances
Drakakhrust: "The other day celebration July 27 opposition power behaved in the usual style: ban, mass arrests, mass arrests. This statement — as usual, could and to restrict, if not for two incidents.
In 1-x, the resignation of Governors of the KGB, which are none of their predecessors, persecuted dissidents and opposition seems to have been a sign that in the sense of pressure will be given at least some relief. Some experts drew attention to the words of Alexander Lukashenko, spoken in the presentation of the new head of the KGB, "You must not serve me, and the state." But the tradition, as we see, is preserved.
In-2-x, is independent rhetoric and symbolism plays a huge role in the state propaganda and politics. July 27 opposition is not something that is not going to make a revolution, it is meant to celebrate the date that recognizes the legitimate and segodnyaschy power, in the end, in the Declaration of Sovereignty voted in 1990 in the Supreme Soviet of the BSSR and deputy Lukashenko. And in response — ban grabber arrests. Why? Alexander Fyaduta that your explanation? "
Fyaduta: "In my opinion, the power is very remembers March 2006 and very unwilling to repeat. If he persists and now young people will try to do something like a tent city, it will be a very important symbol for the entire structure of the Belarusian authorities — it will be a symbol that Lukashenko does not keep the situation under control.’s why immediately after the resignations of Governors of the KGB and should wait for what authorities will snatchers. NOT beating — it is no longer fit in the modern system of Lukashenko publicly idea, first in the West — namely mass arrests.

A. Fyaduta: "If young people try to do something like a tent city, it will be a very important symbol for the entire structure of the Belarusian authorities — it will be a symbol that Lukashenko does not keep the situation under control."

And look — not the most constructive snapped, grabbing those who can lead the youth. "
Drakakhrust: "Vitaly Tsigankov, and what is your answer: why not work on a Myagenkaya more Myagenkaya line these two incidents — human" earthquake "in the KGB and factor independence, that the opposition celebrated the date that recognizes and power?"
Tsigankov "Power again substantiated that no personnel searches, no personnel changes do not have to change the main thing — government affairs strategy to be independent of the public. And all the rhetoric and all the acts of the authorities must show that we have our own independence, and you — its independence. We will have independence with jumps, fireworks and a parade of sports, and let your independence remains behind bars or in the best case — accompanied by special forces.
At the moment, they say a lot of that power intercepts opposition slogans, and it started already long enough, after turning to ideological independence. But the nature of the current government does not allow her to share something with someone cute.

V. Tsigankov: "All the rhetoric and all the acts of the authorities must show that we have our own independence, and you — its independence."

When Lukashenko was prime integrator, he did not allow opponents to this political field, he tried not to make them not only in Belarus, but even beyond. Now, when he is the main independent, it is not necessary all the more rivals in Belarus.
Rivals in this ideological and political field must be ideologically destroyed — so far only ideologically. According to this logic even unprincipled, under any slogan of the quiet, moderate approach leaves the opposition — it still experiences a riot.
Imagine for yourself that the opposition organizes a procession with the motto "We love Lukashenko." What will happen? Dispersal within the first minute, and even particularly aggressive for insincerity and arrogance. Or imagine for themselves, that there would be some independent movement in support of Lukashenka, movement is not inspired from above. were difficulties would stir in all the mandatory structures — what to do? So the government does not tolerate rivals and wants to remain the only one in any field she chooses. "
Drakakhrust: "Ales Chobot, and what is your answer to this question: why had a normal mass arrests, which the new criteria, it would seem, could not be?"
Chobot: "In my normal brain, like the province, established old kalhozny assembly flow — transparter manure. Because he does what he does, it covers everything. Ivashkevich took about Reddish church. Mean, you can not go out. Took away those , who used to take. knew where to take, know how to take.

A.Chobat "old established kalhozny assembly flow — transparter manure. Because he does what he does, it covers everything."

And the same applies to changes of ministers or chairmen there KGB — endless, of mandatory and the similar. This is the transparter manure. Well they can not do on the other, at the Presidential Administration of the Republic of Belarus. May from time to time and want to, but can not. "
July 27 — nobody prazdnichek?
Drakakhrust: "And now I propose to look at the actions of the shares on July 27, so to speak, from the opposition. Last big action — March 25, also preceded by large-scale mass arrests. Yet, while the streets of Minsk left thousands of people. And presently after screws on the street came out a few 10’s of people. Why Vitaly Tsigankov. "
Tsigankov: "The reasons, I think, everyday. For most of those Belarusians who are able to go outside, which are able to at some point to express their position civilians — for their March 25 is the primary date.

V.Tsygankov: "Politically active people did not accept July 27 as the date is very important and necessary to exit onto the street."

Well, in addition, there are in society, in the midst of politically active people feel — that will bring one or another action. Before such shares as on March 25, Chernobyl Way, presidential elections, there is a feeling people may come, that something might happen.
And here for all the preparatory training, according to what the event was not allowed, that was announced just a meeting with the deputies that the main "kick" decided to apply autumn "European march" — all this led to the fact that politically active people did not accept 27 July as the date is very important and necessary for going outside. In the gradation of historical dates July 27 does not take into politically active Belarusians first place. "
Chobot: "If between us, somehow Alexander Milinkevich publicly declared through your radio:" Do not come to me as many people as necessary. Now, if it’s me 100 thousand, then … "And it is not said that would follow. You know, if it came to 200 thousand, then there would be nothing. He also spoke and said to — to go home.
People are already walking. And I read with senior for us with you people who are still walking. And they spoke: "What are we going to walk more? Listen again, we heard it all."

A.Chobat: "And since you have 100 thousand one. And then what’s the difference — it is 100 thousand or 20 people, and what they do there, on the square?"

I would ask at the moment young people to their senses. And first among themselves, without these parties staged some solidarity, solidarity, human first, not political. Then come 100 thousand. And so comes one thousand 100. And then what’s the difference — it is 100 thousand or 20 people? And what they will do, on the square? Come, and if they are not taken away, they will go. And if you take away, it will sit. "
Drakakhrust: "Oh, by the way, also 100 thousand is not a magic number. In 1997 in Yugoslavia, when Milosevic had falsified the results of local elections in Belgrade a few weeks showed 200 thousand people, mostly students. But then the Milosevic regime resist and fell only through three years, when the street came a million people.
But back to our question about the number of protesters on July 27. Alexander Fyaduta that your answer — why such action was not numerous? So, prevented mass arrests, but on March 25 he did not stop. "
Fyaduta: "I fully agree that read Sovereign Tsigankov. We, unfortunately, the country lives under with 2 flags and celebrating different prazdnichkom. That opposition, for which March 25 — Chief prazdnichek for her July 27 — no longer prazdnichek. What happened at the moment when the July 27 nobody was celebrating — nobody will celebrate and in the following year, and a year later, and after two. "
One of Belarus — two independence?
Drakakhrust: "Vitaly Tsigankov, answering my first question, began talking about the ideological choice of power. As he aptly said, the government says the opposition seems to be: we have our own independence, you have — their own. And actions before July 27 and in Time July 27 — evidence that the authorities as earlier denied the right to existence of at least some other version of the country’s independence. Why is this happening?
Coming hard times now, seems to predict everything, even Pavel Yakubovich in the program "Prague accent" read about it. To a large extent these hard times that are coming — confluence of external factors, well into criteria such power and the opposition in a certain sense are objectively in the same boat, they all — Belarusians. And why, despite this, takes the same: we have our own independence, you have — their own? Alexander Fyaduta that your answer? "
Fyaduta: "If you take that one, except you, right, you’re recognized, however, that he has the same right to power, just like you. And if you admit that the opposition has the right to rule, you have something -than to share with her. In my opinion, there is exactly that. Lukashenko does not wish to share power. I’m not even talking about real rechagi power, I’m talking about the power of ideas. He uses slogans of the opposition, but he would never admit that there is someone else -the one who puts these slogans and profess it.

A. Fyaduta: "If you take someone, except you right, you’re recognized, however, that he has the same right to rule as you are."

And that’s why he never will allow the opposition to state celebrated something. Non-state, March 25 — please. And, incidentally, refers to this opposition with a certain awareness.
Remember the last time the Belarusian opposition used the municipal flag? Not the flag, which she professes municipal, and that was shameful dropped in 1995, but one power and that a significant portion of the municipal people’s believes now? This has never happened before. And, in my opinion, this will not happen. And not because the opposition did not wish to have the state’s business. Just so happened. And this is not, this flag she never uses. "
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