Premiere Sidorsky expects resignation for failing to agree with Russia?

The press service of the Belarusian government said that Prime Minister Sergei Sidorsky now held another meeting. Relatively version Russian newspaper "Kommersant" spokesman Alexander Timoshenko said:
"Sergey is working in the government since 2001. In including four years already runs the government. And if to count how many times journalists were expelled to his resignation, the fingers are not enough. "
But Russian edition argues that Prime Minister Sergei Sidorsky can not agree with Russia on the issue of payment of any gas or in obtaining preferential Russian loan.
By convention, the first half of Belarus paid per a thousand cubic meters of gas is not $ 100, but only 50 fifth Parties have agreed that the remaining 45 bucks to pay for Belarus by Russian intergovernmental loan. But while this question not resolved.
Also, "Gazprom" has listed Belarus 625 millions of dollars for 12.5 percent of the shares of "Beltransgaz". Yes, and these funds are not listed, the official Minsk "Gazprom" for the debt. On the contrary, the delegation went to Moscow to negotiate deferred payment. But the parties have not agreed, and the talks will last the following week.
According to Russian State Duma deputy Konstantin Zatulin, no matter what the problem between economic entities that are engaged in gas trading, immediately poured into a political problem of. And at the moment relationship between Russia and Belarus are complex:
"Belarus has really debts to Russia. At the same time, President Lukashenko did not hesitate to devote a lot of words to expose the machinations of. I do not think so conduct themselves with the lender."
According to the MP Zatulin fixed idea Alexander Lukashenko — limit the scope of the privatization of state:
"It is unlikely that all these stories with gas posodeystvuyut break into the market of Belarusian companies. While power is Alexander Lukashenko — it can hardly be. "
Belarusian economist Leonid Zlotnikov said:
"Belarus is trying to delay the time when their businesses have to pay for their policies with Russia. Our homeland, as we know, some company wants to have. All other it was agreed — and what actions will be there, and the freedom of trade and so on. But it is constantly hampered because our government does not want to attract Russian investments, so they purchased some of our companies. All of this is delayed until the last moment. "

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