Quote a day or — July 2

"Sadly, as readand my grandmother on dog, "would eat Well, who would give him." Debt in Belarus is small, but if you take new loans, they need to return later. To return them, it is necessary that you were convinced. For investors more critical problem is the succession of power in Belarus, the stability of the country. People expect that the funds will work 10-20 years. A that there will be in 10 years? They do not know. "

Economist Mike Zaleski in the program "Examination of Liberty" — about the debt of Belarus and the possibility of obtaining loans.
"This paternalism when Lukashenko converted into a typical father of civilization, which alienated from sexy start, which simply claims to be" the father of civilization, "only because it avoids the ladies around him. By As the last, from the perspective of public policy. And another one is coming psyhaanalitychnaya theme — it’s just a problem of his upbringing, socialization, prepyadstviya person who is born in an incomplete family. Subject like and shaky, but Anyway abgavorvannya worth, because, of course, he has his own peculiar notions of freedom and politics. In This is the meaninge, by the way, is very close to Lukashenko Milosevic, who also had a similar biography and also determined about like-minded political behavior. "

Philosopher Valery Bulgakov — the connection between the home position and the political status Alexander Lukashenko

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