Ready official Minsk to the latest gas attack?

Now the presidential newspaper "Russian Belarus" published an editorial comment on the results of the Belarusian-Russian gas conflict. It "Gazprom" is compared with the "lads" and "evil meduzay Gorgon." According to the newspaper, "from his respectable masks of Gazprom figures blinked real face of predators."
Does this mean that the official Minsk prepares for the latest "gas" attack?
"The smallness of the standard of living is lower — by 5 percent"
Economist Leonid Zlotnikov said:
"There is nothing to temper show. There is a contract in which all agreed. Market there are relations between sovereign countries, sovereign producers and consumers. If you take the dress. Here wage war not on anything. Incriminate Russia that she is guilty for what Requests funds — it is a moral defeat before the world. Because we pay — population, economic enterprise. Lukashenko also from their own pockets not pay. Will be just below the level of life — by 5 percent. "
1st Deputy Energy Minister of Belarus Eduard Tovpenets said that in at least some situations the country’s economy and people would not feel abrupt failures in case of limited supply. Say, Belarus to the grid have a spare fuel supplies.
In the case of supply constraints will have to reduce gas consumption
Will the probable Belarus 30 percent reduction of the supply of gas? Leonid Zlotnikov said:
"Well, stand month. But later will have to reduce the consumption of gas companies and population. Essentially means must be on the gas. "
Edward Tovpenets said that with "Gazprom" almost agreed to defer payment of a debt before November 1. But "Gazprom" claimed to divide the existing agreement on three separate contracts. By Tovpentsa, acts of "Gazprom" harm the joint venture:
"Now" Beltransgaz "- is not purely Belarusian organization. This organization Belarusian-Russian. A" Gazprom "- let you restrict, let us introduce you to sanctions. Whom? Joint Venture?"
"RF Belarus tired"
Russian political analyst Andrei Suzdaltsev reads:
"Neither of which a joint venture between Russia-Belarus on the basis of" Beltransgaz "there is no speech. Is concerned only that "Gazprom" buys shares in small pieces "Beltransgaz". That this joint venture? It’s just shame. "
According to Andrew Suzdaltseva comparable with past conflicts, the situation in this tragic.
"If he currently refuses to pay for gas, then rise up all Russian media. Its just turn to dust — he and his political group which is in power for 13 year. Comes all. In general, RF Belarus tired. "
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