Russian KGB played the game …

Drakakhrust: What’s the current resignations in the KGB? Are independent publications — including your — wrote about the war of clans peremptory elite of fierce clashes between the KGB and MVD. But usually in systems similar to the Belarusian, the highest control keeps balance between factions in their own environment, but does not sacrifice any of them.
Kalinkina: I think that the premises in the complex: in the fact that they were born plans to increase the KGB, to subjugate specifically KGB series power structures — from the border troops of the Presidential Security Service, and the struggle between clans in what is always in what then step-win get either one or the other. I would not say that now Lukashenko signed a decree on the resignation Sukharenko Demyantseya and donated them, but now, perhaps, still Interior Minister Naumov took over.
Satsuk: I agree that the answer is to be found in the complex circumstances — can not read that it was only fighting clan. But in my opinion, in the midst of the main reasons — that the KGB running Sukharenko was deprived of flexibility. Sukharenko acted as a fighter: rattled a lot, but did not have much sense. Because no rewards for Sukharenka soon call impossible. In-2, it should be said that the resignation Sukharenka — almost everything going Damashkevich resignation. Since it is clear that with Domashkevich Sukharenka were friends, and almost all Sukharenka donated municipal interests, defending their interests and Damashkevich. And it is also one of the reasons, if such rank bureaucrat puts their interests above municipalities. And the president does not like this.
"Sukharenka acted as a fighter: rattled a lot, and to sense was not enough"
Drakakhrust: Did not they in these politically motivated dismissal, as it was in time the resignation Matskevitch? Deal with Russia at the moment bad, the economy is just for me, and who knows what thoughts soar under the general’s caps? Attention is drawn to the fact that the resignation be sent not only the head of the KGB, and his first deputy. And put on a KGB man, who was not a day or present in the structure of the Committee. Is a form of expression of distrust throughout the KGB?
Satsuk: KGB gives the same MFA, the same presidential administration facts mater» yawl to work in foreign policy. The fact that the KGB has announced the arrest of spies that Poland has officially recognized that the detained Belarusian spy story with preferences — it says that on the foreign policy front, the total collapse, and almost everything is the fault of the KGB. After all, it can not provide the power of arguments that are covered levers to influence the foreign policy front.
Drakakhrust: Svetlana, do not you think that these Polish spies were the last straw? Maybe more broadly: how do you see in this resignation was politically motivated?
"Russian KGB played the game, and perhaps that Belarus is no longer welcome, as previously"
Kalinkina: I really was surprised by this spy scandal Polish, so afterdnie months Belarusian control meant a lot of time to have been established with the same case Poland, and even also achieved success in this direction: in Kiev for the first time, the Polish delegation voted against the resolution on Belarus. In this sense, the scandal, which was precipitated from Moscow, really did not fit in today’s movement of the Belarusian authorities — even if the outer and declarative. And many Russian and Belarusian publications confirmed that the scandal was triggered from Russia — specifically for these actions with the placement of missile defense in Poland and the Russian Federation on the Contract moratorium on ordinary weapons in Europe. And do these spies were arrested in the winter. I say that in this case the KGB together with Stefan Sukharenka Russian played the game, and it is possible that in today’s Belarus is no longer welcome, as before, and that the leaders of agencies believed that they will justify their importance: they catch spies and not only rats — on the contrary made it not a good service, and vice versa — could serve as a prerequisite for retirement in the current criteria.
Purpose Zhadobin KGB — is, in my opinion, an insult to the Committee, but Lukashenko was driven, I think, only an aspect of "nablizhanastsi to the body." A Zhadobin at this step closer than anyone else of the Vice Sukharenko.
"Hawks" as the KGB and the Interior Ministry will take only a secondary position "
Drakakhrust: Kalinkina already remembered one of the brightest achievements Sukharenko said. He really memorable and operationalization of draconian law against unregistered public organizations, and the story about the opposition’s plans to make a diversion using dead rats, and dangers to the address of the protesters after the presidential elections of 2006, they will be treated as terrorists. In short, Stepan was Sukharenko one of the most influential "hawks" in a peremptory command. At the moment, he is fired. It is a symbol? If so, what and for whom?
Kalinkina: I think that is a symbol of power structures first. This is under no circumstances is not a symbol that you need with the least enthusiasm to fight the enemies inside of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko. At the same time it is a symbol and that the "hawks" should not occupy the first place. "Hawks" as the KGB and the Interior Ministry, where so, as we know, is Dmitry Pavlyuchenko will only occupy a secondary position.
Incidentally, when Stepan Sukharenko only appointed chairman of the KGB, almost all the experts were that the interest with which Stepan Nikolaevich undertake the work will not be in favor of the authorities. And so it happened.
Satsuk: I do not think there is any signs, namely, do not think the opposition and those who think differently than Alexander Lukashenko, is worth waiting for a liberalization.
As for the destination, Yuri Zhadobin, I would not called him decisive. It’s faster temporary purpose, the maximum for the year, while there will seek the best nominee, as I can not imagine for yourself how Zhadobin be able to manage the KGB.
Drakakhrust: How are these working on a mandatory retirement elite of Belarus on its own self-morrow?
Satsuk: Nomenclature of recent months are generally very frightened, and with the resignation of the chairman of the KGB this process certainly continue. Yet, any tangible pulses that need to work on another, still has not been sent. They are ordinary reshuffle. "
"No aspect of loyalty to be evaluated"
Kalinkina: I would draw attention to the fact that before the scheduled November to prepare all the documents for the reform of law enforcement agencies in including and the KGB. Because the real head of the KGB, here I agree with Sergei, we will not see until November. It may not be Zhadobin stroll rumors that this reform is done under Viktor Lukashenko — eldest son of the president and his assistant.
And if we see such reshuffles, today’s action will look like struggle between old and new colleagues Lukashenko.
As for the sign, the lesson for peremptory elite, I would define it like this: there is no aspect of loyalty to be evaluated. Because you just need to act on their own appropriate positions. Although I do not rule out that Sukharenka Dementey and receive ambassadors Belarus in some countries and it will be happy. "

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