Russian Nazis intervened in the course of the Belarusian Internet contest

"Komsomolskaya Pravda in Belarus" Room for July 11 addresses the topic of detention first chief ideological head of the Presidential Administration Vladimir Cold. Recall that the highest bureaucrat has been charged with fraud in a large size and abetting bribery. For the Secretary of the Central Election Commission Nikolai Lozovik arrest sovereign Cold, who worked in the CEC on the basis of the public, was a complete surprise.
"By working with the CEC, we can describe it only from the positive side … We are shocked. Before I This time not grasp that he was able to commit some unlawful act, not that that sin "- spoke Nikolai Lozovik pages" Komsomolskaya Pravda ".
"Bobruisk courier" writes about the incident in the town, which fell on Kupala night. Tells journalist Viktor Kachan.
"Twenty-four Bobruisk, who lives Street first line, decided to celebrate prazdnichek: spread, as we write here ironically, "magic fire" from which lit up his own apartment. He broke all the windows and bolted clear where. As a result, the roof burned one-story home, which are three apartments and lives twelve people. Apartment arsonist burned to pieces, and my mother — invalid second group — left homeless. "
In the newspaper "Evening Brest" You can read about the extraordinary natural phenomenon in the village Mukhavets Brest region. During rain and thunderstorms suddenly heard a sound similar to an explosion, and then the air appeared a brilliant fiery drive that resembled a fireball. Disc entered one of the houses in the village, breaking 6 holes — in the walls and roof. But the fire did not cause the accident. Where later disappeared fiery disk, is unclear.
"Russian Germans intervened in the course of the Belarusian Internet competition" — the material under the headline publishes online edition "Solidarity. " July 15 will be awarded the First Prize of the Belarusian sector Living magazine, which won the title Zhezhebay. Prize must get the best bloggers in different categories. In the "aggregator" were two winners — l_u_f_t and lipkovich, but decided to participate in the contest winner weblog under the name coipish. He was supported by many other bloggers who positioned themselves as Russian Nazis. Methods have been applied "cheat" voting results because the competition organizing committee disqualified coipish.

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