S.Bogdankevich: The government wants to save khalyavnykh means

Bogdanovich — Doctor of Economics, Doctor. In 1991-1995 he was chairman of the State Bank. Deputy Supreme Council 13th convocation, favorite faction "plainclothes action." Chairman of the Joint civilian party in 1995-2000, now — honorable chairman. Is married and has 3 sons.
Answering *** Igor Kirin of Glusk: "Consumers within the country and normally pay in full. Belarus received about halfbillion dollars for "Beltransgaz" — roughly the amount that Belarus needs for gas in six months. It is not clear that the government of Belarus vosprepyadstvovalo pay for gas delivered? "
Bogdanovich: "On my eyes, it is quite another to povinet crisis. After all, money really is. Not counting the funds you mentioned besides abroad gained over billion dollars Debt … Because the current position of the government I would regard as an attempt to kick from Russia concessional loans — interest free for long periods. Cause in a derelict state of our economy. The same applies to the trade balance, particularly in the commodity group, and low profitability, and real blockages unsold goods inventories, receivables. These criteria and the government wanted the people as they say, take the freebie own salvation by means of the future. But those intentions are not taken into account the current realities. Number is not passed. "
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