S.Karaganav: We certainly do not want to bring down the Belarus

Chairman of the Presidium of Russian Council on the outer and Defense Policy Karaganov said that the decision of "Gazprom" has only economic justification. And if you try to start the official Minsk illegal gas extraction, the birthplace of our other penalties will apply:
"Russia has bothered to feed malasyabrovski regime in Belarus. Minsk pays. Accordingly — we are reducing the supply.
Belarusian regime does not think the language of friendship — all this already ascertained. Because is purely commercial, hard-line approach.
Naturally, we do not want to bring down the Belarus. That’s why we require payment at the moment, in the summer, when the house of Belarusians do not freeze. "
Sergei Karaganov is in no way connected with election campaign in Russia. Though the Communists obtained consent from Lukashenka to introduce his name in campaign:
"Communists — this universal Russian joke. And if Lukashenko wants to join them — it’s his right. Communists But somehow here no fear."

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