S.Markav: Our homeland is ready to pay for integration

Markov allocated "In addition, there is no other basic agreement as general should relate discount energoelementy supplied Russia, and what actions are allowed Belarusian authorities in the economic field.
Behind this is a more basic contradiction in Belarus has not yet concluded, as should develop integration.
With one side, is the will of the peoples of Belarus and the Russian Federation to the reunion one way or another form. But many politicians argue. And, as usual in the post-exhibit very low damovazdolnasts.
Our homeland is ready to pay for integration. And for lack of integration is not ready to pay it. "
According to Sergei Markov, Russian authorities are now more willing to integrate, than Belarus Authority:
"Povinet naturally Lukashenko, who is now largely hinders integration. Culprit and the Russian authorities that have not yet been able to develop the applicable integration model that takes into account the wishes Belarusian side.
Russian public opinion is also ready for integration, although disappointed in her life. Belarusian public opinion distorted the active anti-Kremlin propaganda leading Belarusian TV from the team Alexander Lukashenko. And this is also a large fraction of his guilt. "

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