Salting France: The Way to a united Europe is through democracy

Against France and Belarus, the Euro Union and Belarus is interested more journalists. They were asked about many of the themes several days reversed in an interview with the French newspaper Le Monde touched Alexander Lukashenko and Alexander Milinkevich. For example, if France will help Belarus in the construction of a nuclear power plant?
Mireille Musso said at the end of 2006 Belarusian delegation visited France. Local nuclear industry promised to give all the necessary information to employees. But the Belarusian experts at the same end and went to other countries, what is allocated Ms. salting, they certainly have every right to. And more to the French, they did not address.
Alexander Lukashenko said in an interview with Le Monde stated that we welcome the new management in France, when it make an active dialogue with Belarus. By this occasion I asked Mireille Musso: Could it be a country within the same dialogue with the official Minsk to share experience with the opposition?
Ms. salting told about how the new President Sarkozy himself attracted to those who lost the elections. He even gave a few ministerial seats — on As the last, Foreign Affairs — specifically opposition:
"We believe that every nation for himself the owner. And often we, the French, blamed for the fact that we strive to teach anyone for any reason. We have almost all do to our country move forward faster.
A trend of cooperation with the opposition of the majority, it does exist. And this is something that is very willing to President Sarkozy. Since we believe that this is a modern trend — are invited to discuss the main issues of the country and the opposition. "

Belarusian political analyst Andrei Fyodorov says that the affairs of government and the opposition in France (and in other statesah EU) with one side and Belarus on the other — very different:
"We do not consider the opposition political activity subject. She bred abroad political field. And there it listed. For example, in England it was even referred to as" Her Majesty’s Opposition. " There opposition gets currency subsidies to exist. And this is fundamentally a difference. "
Salting France mentioned that in April, Belarus agreed to open in Minsk office of the European Union. And it gives some hope that the rate of Belarus towards a united Europe can change.
In the West rely on it because, as identified now Mireille Musso, Belarus here as before is considered an integral part of Europe.
• salting France awarded diplomas to students of Gomel, 15.06.2007

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