Savichi — Village squatters Chernobyl

In ’96, the year, visiting Savichi, Alexander Lukashenko announced here a new approach to citizens residing in contaminated territories: "Do you want to live — live". And ordered to rescue squatters yes Harvester tractor. But after a decade, and life in the village has placed accents.
Village Savichi never revived. Overgrown with weeds streets, human gardens. Village shop, which included the head of the country, has long been closed. 100 of the former squatters in eighty Savic now have only 59 people.
Knows the 77-year-old grandmother Maria:
"Oh, my darling, my nightingale, life is hard. Hard that people do not. Already people were dead. Sowed potatoes behind the wall, then the night came feral pigs and half potato zryli. Previously, people all around were seeded. And now were dead, and all it is empty, overgrown shrub. least mowed grass which tractor, so there was no such wilderness. You are welcome, and that at least took pakas mowers — that these feral so not walking. "

Grandmother recalls as they returned out of captivity — from the farm "Comintern" Buda-Koshelev area where radiation more than Savich, came to him Head of State:
"When we came back here, Lukashenka came to us. Was with us here. And he put a new tractor and combine harvester new. And here they immediately took to the farm — and ready."
At the moment, the villagers seek out privateers stroll with a horse or a technician to assist those they treat gardens, shake bread. After all, to farm in Hrakavichah where village attached, already 25 km.
Radiation Savic has no fears:
"There is no hell, no radiation. Vaughn those that went to the unstained area, has long been adchezli radiation. And we live here — and the devil takes us. We have adapted."

Savic live in close with adults and four kids. At Alexander and Ira Anapreenkav two of them: two-year and four-year Nina Oksana. Often comes here from the village gereushno th offspring Alexander from his first marriage — 12-year-old Dima.
Looks for the children before grandfather Ivan. Babes grow, as statedcamping, on the face of nature, eat, like adults, first, from the garden.

Grandfather Ivan complains that the smallest granddaughter loves to swim very — not in a trough or in rain puddles:
"In the mud bathing. Rain passes, in the puddles. Previously — in a tub in a tub: and let them swim."
Able-bodied adults inhabitants Savic dream of a job, because, apart from forest area, in the village no production.
"Immediately some elderly people. ‘Cause help in half because plow — and every penny will. Priobretesh bread for money (laughs), or clothes which — and interrupts" — says 47-year-old emperor Gregory, one of the 12 rural men working age.

Not spared squatters Savich and one of the troubles that have increased in soon Chernobyl in the villages. Wolves often come here from time to time and crazy. Attacking the villagers.
In winter 2006 distraught wolf pounced on pensioner Catherine Chechka:

"I swear to you by God: I do not remember how I got home. Vaughn and my skirt and jacket prakusanyya. If it was summer — because I’m standing at the moment, he would have torn me on the spot. And — everything. He told me on his head — and the head paws. And he besieged me. kyuvet I slipped. I realized that this wolf. Indeed rear I did not beheld. And when I was in kyuvet fell and he needed me was because I was face down shawls closed and screamed obscenities good. And he probably horrified my voice. "

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